Training Log 3.23.15-3.29.15

Another fantastic week! I’ve been having SO much fun running lately. I felt good and strong all week, and enjoyed every minute of each run. I was also able run outside all week, which is such a treat! The sun is coming up earlier and earlier, and then mornings are getting warmer!

Monday – 7 trail miles, 8:19 avg

I went exploring on a new-to-me trail and it was so much fun. It was a beautiful day and I saw tons of other people–hikers, other runners and mountain bikers. It’s so nice to be out enjoying the beautiful weather and seeing so many other people doing the same!


Tuesday – 3 miles with Rudy, 7:49 avg

I wasn’t planning on running this morning, but it was gorgeous out, and I ended up having an extra 45 minutes in the morning so I laced up and took Rudy with me. I meant to do three easy miles, but we ended up moving a lot faster than I was anticipating.

Wednesday – Strength training: arms, abs and legs

One of my goals as I start to test out this trail running thing is to focus more on strength training. I did a 15 minute leg workout from the NTC app and it left my legs shaking! I followed it up with an arm and ab routine.



Thursday – 5 morning miles, 8:13 avg

I set out about 5:30am. I wasn’t feeling it, but when I saw it was 40* out, I knew I HAD to take advantage of that. I took my headlamp with me since it was still pretty dark out when I set off. I got to watch the sunrise as I ran my loop and I felt giddy by the time I got home. I am so happy that going for a morning run doesn’t mean running in the pitch black anymore!

Friday – 3.5 miles with Rudy, 7:57 avg

Friday night I had two birthday parties to attend, but I wanted to make sure I got a run squeezed in. J-Money needed to replace a hose in the jeep which gave me the perfect amount of time to go for a run. My legs felt amazing and I could have gone for many more miles. Rudy was spent though and I knew I had to get home and get ready to go.


Saturday – Rest

We got home late Friday night and I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted, so I opted to stay in bed over getting up early and running Saturday morning. And I didn’t run after work because my soulmate was in town to par-tay!


Sunday – 4 mile hike at Walnut Canyon

After a slow start in the morning, coffee from Macy’s (a MUST) and a delightful breakfast, Sarah and I decided to go for a short, easy hike. We leashed up Rudy and hit the road. As we were getting off the freeway at Walnut Canyon, I decided it would be more fun to hike the Inner Basin trail, so we headed that way instead. 30 min later, we got onto the Forest Road that climbs toward the trail head, only to find out that the road was closed! Womp wompppp. So, we headed back to Walnut Canyon to get our hike on.


We walked for about two miles and then headed back to the car. It was so nice to be outside enjoying the sun and enjoy the beautiful scenery! Sarah headed back down the mountain after our hike and it was so lovely to get to spend some time with her.

Total miles: 18.5

This week has me so excited for summer running. It feels so good to be coming off a training cycle and not feel burned out or injured. I love just going out for whatever distance I want to and running whatever pace feels good. I have a little bit before I’ll need to start “training” for any races, so I’m going to just keep enjoying running when I feel like it, and doing other activities when the opportunity arises!


5 thoughts on “Training Log 3.23.15-3.29.15

  1. Those trails look so relaxing and nice.! Good job on your runs this week 🙂 I’m excited to sweat this summer. lol


  2. As always, I am totally envious of those trails and that you have a dog that is a good running buddy. I don’t have a dog yet, but am looking to get one this summer. I’m really hoping to find a dog that loves to run as much as I do.


    • I hope you find one too! It’s definitely fun to have him to run with. There’s times that he makes me so frustrated (trying to chase after squirrels constantly for example) but overall he’s really good and it’s so fun to run with him!


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