Friday Things

Happy Friday! Welcome to another edition of me randomly talking about things that happened this week.

1. My college roommate/soulmate/bffffff is coming to visit this weekend and I am SOOO excited! She and I haven’t been in Flagstaff together since New Year’s of 2011. I can’t wait to hit up our old haunts and show her all the new places Flag has to offer.

New Years 2011. I was blonde then. Such babies!

New Years 2011. I was blonde then. Such babies!

2. I’ve been super into carbonated water with lime lately. I bought some La Croix’s a few weeks ago and was all about it, and now I just can’t stop. We’ve had a Sodastream for years and I finally just started using it to make some bubbly water, cut up a slice of lime and start drinkin. During the day, I usually will just drink water, so this is a nice change. It’s definitely weird for me though. During my trip in Europe, my friend and I could NOT figure out why they sold so much bubbly water as their regular water…I had to break the news to her earlier this week.


Luckily she took it alright.

3. While at the store this week, I asked J-Money if he had any requests and he asked for cereal. So, I was perusing the cereal aisle, as one does, and found this.


It’s amazing and so addicting. I was making J-Money some food one evening and went over for a handful and before I knew it, I had eaten waaaaaay too much of it. I imagine a real bowl with some almond milk and sliced strawberries would be out of this world good. So far, I haven’t made it far enough past shoving it into my mouth to give that a try.

4. I finally watched “Gone Girl” this week. I’d been avoiding it because I hated the book. Spoiler Alert. I may reveal something about the plot you don’t want to know if you haven’t seen/read it yet. The book put me in such a bad mental space. I was reading it while home on Christmas break a few years ago and was in such a bad mood the entire time. I finally had to just sit and finish it because I was such a monster around my family. I hate Amy. I hate that she got away with everything. Ben isn’t a gem either, but geezus, Amy was such a conniving sociopath. I just couldn’t get over it. In my opinion, the movie was easier to watch than reading the book. It was over in 2.5 hours and I could put it behind me. The book just dragged me along with it. Anyway, I was curious, so I finally watched it and I can move on with my life now.

5. I had the best run yesterday morning. I set out about 5:30 and it was just barely starting to get light out. By the time I got home the sun was up and it was lovely. It was also 40* (which didn’t last. This morning it was 24. Uhh, no thanks.). I am so excited for summer, I can hardly stand it!

Have an awesome amazing weekend friends! I hope it’s glorious!

Did you like Gone Girl? What appeal for this story am I missing?

What awesome plans do you have this weekend? 


4 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. I am all about the bubbly water. I’ve been meaning to get a sodastream or similar setup for awhile now, because I’m sick of buying cans and bottles. Do you like yours?


    • Love it! We originally bought it for J cuz he’s a soda fanatic and I figured this had less crazy chemicals. The gas usually lasts a month or so, and the bottles hold as much water as my nalgene. It’s definitely worth the initial investment in my opinion.


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