Fall Racing: Schedule and Goals

Welp, it’s officially Fall.

I’ve lamented the end of Summer, but I am excited for Fall running! It also doesn’t hurt that I just ordered myself some fun new cold-weather gear and am excited to wear it.

With the first race of the season behind me, I’m starting to look at my calendar and get excited about all the awesome races I have coming up in the next couple of months! I’ve never raced so much in a short amount of time. In the past I’ve kept it to a half marathon weeks and then eventually a full marathon, and that’s all I do in a calendar year.

I wanted to do something different this year though. I wanted to race more, race differently, and have a lot of fun doing it!

Coming up I’ve got the following:

  • Soulstice Mountain Trail Race, October 10th. (11 miles with some insane climbs) Another trail race, with some intense elevation change, I don’t have too  much in mind for this other than to enjoy it. Soulstice is a huge event for the trail running community in Flag, and I’m really excited to be a part of it this year!
  • Ragnar McDowell Mountain. (November 6&7, 15ish miles total). I’ve never done a Ragnar and I’m really looking forward to my first and have it be a trail race as well. I’ve heard great things about it from people on my team that have done it before.
  • Girls on the Run 5k. (November 21) This isn’t actually a race, but I’m including it anyway. The AZ Oiselle gals are meeting up to run with a girl from Girls on the Run and help her finish her 5k. I’m really excited to do this. Right before I started working at the gallery, I had been looking into becoming a coach for Girls on the Run, but unfortunately didn’t have the time then. I’m excited to meet the Oiselle ladies and help out at such an awesome event. I’ll probably do a longer training run beforehand to get some marathon-training worthy miles in.
  • Tucson Half Marathon (Tentative. December 6). I haven’t registered for this yet, but I am seriously contemplating it. J and I would make a weekend out of it–my best friend and younger brother are in Tucson, so we could go and spend time with them, and I could run a half and have a solid test of my fitness with 10 weeks to go before the marathon. It’s a net downhill course and I got it in my mind that it would be fun to shoot for my sub-1:40 there.

Since marathon training will officially kickstart in November, I’m trying to figure out how I want to balance my training for a goal race, while also racing quite a bit. The thing I’m really quite excited for, is I’m going to have quite the base already built up before marathon training starts. I want to keep my long runs at about 10-13 miles for the next few weeks. I was considering “tapering” for the Soulstice Mountain run in a few weeks, but since I am taking this week very easy, I’ll treat the next few weeks as training, and include Soulstice as a harder effort long run.

With some of these things in mind, here are my goals for this training season.

  1. Stay Healthy. Run Smart. First and foremost, treat my body with love and care. I’m taking it easy this week after my back really started to hurt on Monday’s run. Since then, I’ve done a barre workout and a vinyasa yoga session. This morning, I put the treadmill at a 10% incline and walked uphill for 2 miles (good practice for Soulstice!) and then did 2 easy miles to test out the back. It felt much better and I’m confident that I’ll be back at it next week. The important thing was, however, that I realized I needed to let it rest, and that’s what I did. It’s no sprained ankle, but it did cost me a few miles, and that’s okay. I have plenty of time to run all the miles. I want to let my body rest when it needs to rest and be okay skipping a workout here and there. Maybe that’ll be an extra easy run one week, or an extra rest day completely. I’m not going to make myself stick to a hard and fast schedule with such a long season ahead of me. Keeping myself healthy and feeling good–avoiding the burnout–will be imperative to reaching my ultimate goal.
  2. Speedwork! I’ve neglected any kind of regimented speedwork for almost 7 months now, and I can tell. I’ve hit a few sub-8’s on runs, but overall an 8 min/mile pace still feels like a lot of effort–and that’s gotta change. Since my endurance is built and I’ve got a solid base to work with, the next few weeks are going to see an introduction to speed workouts. Eventually, I’d like to get one track-like workout in, a fartlek/tempo/progression run, and fast miles during my long run each week. My biggest barrier during a marathon is falling apart once I start to feel fatigued. I’m hoping that by incorporating more speedwork (and sticking to it!), will help me in the last few miles of the marathon.
  3. Stretch/yoga/roll: Again, something I always say I need to do and never do it. I recently signed up for a trial subscription to Jasyoga. It’s only $4.99/month and she’s got several short “reset” yoga videos (I’m talkin 10-15 min). It’s completely doable and will be hard to justify my way out of NOT doing them. If I can incorporate them after a hard run/longer run and give my body more TLC during training, I’m pretty confident I’ll stay more fresh and enjoy myself a whole lot more.
  4. Don’t be afraid to say no. I’m working full time, going to school, and training for a 3:30 marathon. If all I want to do is come home after work, crash on the couch and watch TV, I’m going to. I am not going to be afraid to tell anybody no, if I don’t feel like being social.
  5. Maintain balance. On the other hand of that though, I don’t want to completely become a hermit until February 14th. I do want to ensure that I’m spending time with the people I love, and enjoying myself. It’s all about balance people!
  6. Pay attention to nutrition. It happens every cycle. I get busy, my days get long and crazy and I start to eat like crap. I want to be better about meal planning/prepping on the weekends so Jeff AND myself are still eating well during the next few months.
  7. HAVE FUN! I want to enjoy every second of this. I want to work hard and see the results. I want to enjoy every race. I want to meet new people and maybe find friends to run cold, winter miles with. I want to toe the start line in February, after months of work, and feel excited for the 26.2 ahead of me. I don’t want to feel dread and burnt out from it!

    So there you have it! Bring it on fall! Let’s see what you’ve got!


Work It Out Wednesday: Strength Training Edition

I’m not quite sure if Work It Out Wednesday is going to become a thing, but today it is! So get ready, because today I’m talking all about my favorite strength training workouts that are quick and able to be done at home!

As I started chasing bigger dreams in the marathon than just finishing, I have come to accept that strength training plays a major role in my success. While training for my second marathon, I was running six days a week, pushing myself harder than I ever had, and didn’t do a single strength exercise. Not a one. Guess what happened? I overtrained and crashed and burned on race day. By mile 8 I was struggling and contemplating dropping to the half. I stuck it out and finished and while I technically PRed (by about 4 min), I felt like I ran a lot better during my first marathon and was unhappy with the result of my second.

For marathon number 3, I cut my running down to 4 days a week and had two days a week dedicated to strength training. I cut 18 min off my PR and was 7 min away from a BQ. Marathon #4, I cut another 4 min from my PR and nabbed my BQ.

Bottom line: Strength training is a key component of running strong.

I’m following a lot of bloggers that are training for fall marathons, and some of them are training for their very first ones! Additionally, I’m currently building my base to get ready for Marathon #5 this winter. My current plan is to run 5 times a week, 1 dedicated strength day and 1 dedicated rest day. In the past, I haven’t been the best about adding on workouts after my runs–especially as my mileage increases and I’m running 11 miles in the mornings before work. This time around, my goal is to tack on quick and effective strength exercises on days that I’m recovering with easy runs.

In honor of that, and all my fellow marathon-running bloggers out there, here are my favorite quick and effective strength exercises for your enjoyment!

First and foremost, I’m going to praise the glory that is the Nike Training Club App. If you haven’t heard of it, or tried it, I highly suggest you download it and give it a shot. It’s got a variety of different types of workouts, most that only require your body weight, and vary from 15-45 min in length. For days dedicated to strength training I love their 45 min workouts. For quick, additional exercises, I’m a believer in their “Get Focused” 15 min workouts. My favorites are:

  • Beach Legs
  • Core Power
  • Alpha Abs
  • Sculpted Arms
  • Better Butt
  • Arm Definer

They’re also great to do back to back to create a full body workout.

Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers has a bunch of great, great boot camp style workouts that can be done at home. My favorite of hers, however, is this Burnin’ Leg and Ab workout. It even throws in some push-ups so it’s a full-body workout. It takes me about 20 min to get through.

I am not a Crossfit person and don’t believe I ever will be, BUT, this Crossfit inspired workout from Tina at Carrots N Cake is a great, quick and tough workout. As she has it listed, it is TOUGH, but I’ve changed it around a few times to meet my needs. The At-Home Chipper, is great for a quick workout that will make you feel absolutely exhausted and like you’ve WORKED. It takes anywhere from 10-20 min to complete, depending on the exercises I’m incorporating (as listed, it takes about 15 min for me to complete).

This 10 Min Arm Sculpting Workout from PopSugar. I complete it with 5lb and 2.5lb weights and it leaves me tired every time!

The Deck of Cards Workout. My love for this one is going strong right now. Customize it for whatever you want (all abs, all arms, all legs, or a combo of exercises) and for how many reps you want (make face cards worth more than 11, 12, or 13 if you want something more challenging).

These Post-Run Power Exercises, shared by Janae of Hungry Runner Girl fame, are great for a quick addition to any run. Change the amount of reps as needed!

And those are my favorites for a quick and dirty strength workout! Hope you find some of these helpful and add them into your rotation!

Tell me. Any quick and effective strength exercises you love? I’m always on the hunt for other options!

Training Log 7.27.15-8.2.15 + Short July Review

Hello! Happy AUGUST! I always love August. It’s my birthday month (woohoo!) and it always seems like August is your last chance scramble to enjoy all the bits of summer you can before fall begins.

While training for the Phoenix Marathon, I used to do monthly recaps where I’d review what went right, and what went wrong for the month. I found it a really useful tool to look at everything by the numbers and try to identify areas where I could improve. I’d like to eventually bring that back into the posting rotation, but since I haven’t been doing any stellar months since February (yikes!), I haven’t posted one. Today at the end of this post, I’ll do a quick recap of how July went for me. In the meantime, let’s get crackin!

I didn’t run with my Garmin much this week, as I wanted to focus on how I felt, rather than my pace. So for a lot of these runs, I went on trails or routes where I knew mile markers so I could turn around when I wanted to. It seemed to work pretty well for me, so it’s something I may incorporate on rest weeks from here on out.

Monday – 4 mile accidental progression run

This was completely accidental and nothing stellar.  I set out for my run on Monday after work on one of my favorite urban trails. Since I didn’t know what I wanted out of this week, go hard or step back a bit, I decided to just run and see how my legs were doing, rather than force myself up hills repeatedly. I started out and my first mile clocked in at around a 9 min/mile pace. I cursed myself for wearing my Garmin and tried not to focus on the pace, but focus on my breathing and how my legs felt. I was enjoying the trail and the beautiful day and tried with every ounce of me to not look at my watch. My next mile beeped at 8:30, the third at 8:15 and my fourth at 8:05. I felt tired by the end, but not spent. Towards the the third mile I realized that I was negative splitting, so I pushed myself towards the end to hit under the 8:15, and felt really good. It wasn’t terribly hard maintaining that pace, so I’m happy to actually have proof that as my endurance comes back, my speed should as well!

Tuesday – 1 mile + Deck of cards workout

It was so hot on Tuesday after work. I got home and got ready to go run. I stepped outside and ran about 0.06 of a mile and turned around. It was so hot and my legs felt so heavy and dead. I figured that maybe running on the treadmill would be a better option. I got on the treadmill and got through a mile before my knee started to hurt. I really needed new shoes and I figured that had to be the reason. So, I hopped off and decided to make the day a strength day instead. Deck of cards workout (I’m really loving this workout. Challenging and fast and you can customize it for whatever you want to focus on!): Squats, donkey kicks, push ups and sit ups.

Wednesday – 4 miles total, 2 miles in morning, 2 in the afternoon

I had set my alarm to get up and run early before work, but when 5am came around, I opted for more sleep instead. I got up at 6 and realized I had some time since our lunches were already made (thanks leftovers!), so I leashed Rudy up and we went on a quick 2 mile run.


When I got home from work, I laced up again and ran another two to bring my daily total to 4. Not quite the double I’d like to be doing, but it was kind of nice to split it up throughout the day.

Thursday – 5 miles

I already wrote about the magic that was this run. 5 miles at about an 8:30 pace.

Friday – 3 easy miles

I got my new shoes Friday!

Aren't they pretty? Brooks, you know how to make a good shoe!

Aren’t they pretty? Brooks, you know how to make a good shoe!

I decided to branch out from my Adrenalines and try out the Ravennas. They’re definitely different, but I like them a lot so far. I’ll do a full review after I have a shot to run in them a few more times.

I took Rudy with me initially, but the boy did not want to run that day. He wanted to sniff all the things. So, I did a mile with him, dropped him off and home and then did another easy 2 miles on my own.

Saturday – Long run, 8.5 miles total

I woke up early on Saturday in order to get my 9 miles in. We had plans to head down to Phoenix that morning to meet up with my folks + little brother who were driving through on their way to Tucson (my bro just moved there to start school! Wooohooo for having him so close!). When I was on mile 2, my mom texted me to let me know that they left an hour earlier so they’d be in Phoenix an hour earlier, sooo I had to cut my run short. I got through 7.5 miles and then we got on the road. I figured I’d finish the last two when we got home with Rudy. Well, nachos and 2 beers happened at lunch and when we got home, I wasn’t feeling super motivated to run. But, I laced up and leashed up Rudy and gave it a shot anyway. We made it a whole half a mile before I decided there was just no way. My legs felt heavy and gross and it was hot out which made me feel even worse. So, we did a mile total and then I went home, had a snack and watched “The Astronaut Wives Club” and napped. It was worth it.

Total miles: 25.5

I’m really happy with how this week went! Even though I didn’t get my goal mileage for my long run, I got close and that’s good enough. My weekly mileage is still increasing steadily and I feel really, really good. Hoping to get back into the 30’s in the next couple of weeks!

July mileage total: 82 miles

I’m pretty happy with getting 80  miles in during July. It makes me wanting to hit 100 in August seem more realistic. I finally feel like I’m getting my mojo back and that makes me really excited to keep running. We’ll see how the next few weeks go in terms of training for the half, but I’m keep an open mind about running the 10k, too. I want to be as healthy and happy (mentally AND physically) as I can be, and I want to run to have fun. So, we’ll see how August goes. July was a great month for me, it started rough in Houston, but I was able to pull together a few really solid training weeks in the last 3 weeks. I’m finally feeling good and excited and hope to keep the momentum going into August!

Have a great Monday everyone and a stellar week!

When it All Finally Clicks Again


It happened.

Sunrise from my run this morning. IT WAS SO PRETTY. This photo doesn't do it justice.

Sunrise from my run this morning. IT WAS SO PRETTY. This photo doesn’t do it justice.

I finally had a run where I felt like I was running…and not just trying to survive.

Does that make sense?

For the first time in 3 long months I enjoyed my run. I got up at 5 this morning, put on my shoes and went. And I just, ran. No expectations, no route or pace plan, I just wanted to run. I figured I’d test the waters (because all week my calves have been tiiiiiight. Which I plan primarily on the fact that I need new shoes–which are on their way to me and should be here tomorrow), see how my legs feel and go from there.

I ran up the street and when my watch beeped for the first mile, I was surprised by how good I felt. So, I kept going. I ended up running a 5 mile loop from my house that has rolling hills throughout and I felt great. I climbed up the hills, no problem, and I opened my stride on the downhill to feel that speed again. I watched the sun come up and enjoyed the peace of the quiet morning. My legs felt strong (except for the last mile or so–but again, I’m blaming the shoes), my breathing was calm, and *CHEESE ALERT* my heart felt full (hey, I warned you).

Since coming back from my injury, every run has felt hard. It hadn’t clicked for me. I didn’t feel like I was gaining fitness or endurance, and definitely not speed. I was able to push myself through longer runs (with 8.4 being my longest..a month and a half ago), but it didn’t feel good. I wrote on Monday that I was considering dropping to the 10k at the Flagstaff  Marathon if things weren’t feeling better.

Things are feeling better.

Now I know that one 5 mile run does not a half-marathon make. I’m still going to have hard runs. Running 13.1 miles in a month may still really suck. But, today–this morning–I finally feel like I’m on track again. I finally feel like I’m making progress. And that is the motivation I’ve been needing to keep going.


Another shot from this morning. Seriously. It was so pretty.

I feel like I’ve been super whiney on here the past few months, and I appreciate you sticking by me. I’ve been discouraged and frustrated, and that’s not an enjoyable thing to read. But, it’s where I was and I appreciate you sticking through my #runnersproblems

For now, I’m going to keep riding my Running High and see where it takes me 😉

Shirt from Territory Run Co. I'm obsessed with it. I would wear it every day if that was acceptable.

Shirt from Territory Run Co. I’m obsessed with it. I would wear it every day if that was acceptable. This photo has nothing to do with anything. I just really, really like it.

Training Log 7.13.15-7.19.15

Hello! I’m sitting here Sunday night, not quite ready to say goodbye to the weekend. To say we had a good one would be an understatement. There were lots of trails (for both running and hiking), DIY house projects we’ve been talking about doing for ages, brownie-baking mishaps and brownie-baking successes, and wine. It was one of those weekends you need after a week of crazed vacation madness. It was great and I am not ready to go to work tomorrow.

What I am ready for, however, is training week #2. After feeling blah about my first week of training, I had a long run that helped me fall in love with this process all over again. It was on a killer trail and I enjoyed every minute of it. But, before I talk about that, let’s look at the rest of the week, too!

Monday – 4.5 miles, hill repeats

This was my first set of repeats that was merely to run up and up and up. Usually, my hill workouts include a shorter hill–something around the 0.10-0.15 of a mile mark and are generally pretty steep. I run it all out as many times as I can stomach. This time around, I wanted to get used to running up a lot further than I was used to, but to do it at a speed that was manageable.

hill repeats

I chose a hill that I HATE. It’s long. About 0.40 of a mile long. And it’s a steady, steady incline. it’s a hill that generally makes me feel like crap. I always have trouble with it and it makes me question the shape I’m in, REGARDLESS of the shape I’m in. So, I ran up it 5 times. I needed it for the workout, but also for the mental toughness. I needed to conquer that bastard. It was brutal, but I felt SO GOOD afterwards.

Tuesday – 3 recovery miles with Rudy

I decided to take the Ru-dog with me for an easy morning run. It was MY mistake to take him on a trail for our first run back at home. The dude was let loose at J’s parent’s huge backyard for a week, and allowed to chase all the squirrels he wanted. Let’s just say my arms hurt after this from pulling his leash so much. I cut it at 3 because I couldn’t handle it anymore! The good news was that he wanted to sniff at everything, so our pace was nice and slow.

Wednesday  –  5 miles, 8:08 avg

I had seen a trail on my warm up before my hills on Monday that I wanted to check out, so I went on it Wednesday after work. Turns out, it was just another way to get up to Buffalo Park. So, since I found myself there, I decided to turn the workout into some kind of speed work. I ran some fartleks: 30 sec hard x 30 sec rest for 3 miles. It was my first time doing any kind of speedwork since February and let me tell you…it was rough.


But that view cannot be beat.

Thursday – Deck of cards workout x 2

I did the Deck of Card workout twice. Once focused on abs with the following : Sit ups, crunches, reverse crunches and leg drops (is that a real thing? I think I just made that name up). The second time around I did push-ups, tricep dips, squats and leg lifts. BRU.TAL.

Friday – 3 miles, 8:17 avg

Nothing remarkable. Just some easy miles after I got off work and before a storm hit. It was refreshing and joyful.

Saturday – Long run, 7 miles


long run 3

long run 2

long run 1

I had heard so many people tell tales of how amazing this trail was, and have been trying to get out there to run it for over a month now. I finally made it, and it did not disappoint. I was originally planning on doing about 8 miles, but found that the elevation changes–minor as they were (started at 8750 ft and went up to about 9k)–plus a harder week than I had run in a while had killed my legs. I decided to cut it down to 7 and work on building my mileage over the next few weeks.

I have a new favorite trail and I will be returning soon.

Sunday – 4 mile hike with my guys

We woke up to quite the gloomy day. It was overcast and we were threatened with rain all day. But, we had plans to hike and hike is what we did.

boys hiking


Anytime I get to spend on trails, especially with J, I’m not going to complain about.

Total miles: 22.5 

Pretty significant jump from last week (14 miles) and a solid first week back in training. I feel pretty good about it and am looking forward to continuing my momentum. I was having a tough time finding motivation earlier this week, but after that stellar run on Saturday, I remembered why I was out there doing this. Because I LOVE to do it! I love spending my weekend mornings out in the woods doing what I love. For the time being, my focus is on enjoying the trails I have access to. Come November, that’s going to change as I shift into marathon training and winter forces me back onto the roads. Until that happens, I’m going to enjoy my time exploring new areas and trails, and look at my upcoming races as opportunities to continue building my endurance and strength and enjoying time with others that love what I love to do too.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement! You guys are the best and I so appreciate your presence on my little corner of the interwebs here.

Finding Motivation When There is None -TOLT

Today, I’m trying something new and linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday


If you’ll recall, I registered for the Run Flagstaff Hot Summer Nights race series, the first race being a 7k last month. Well, yesterday was race #2, a 5k….and I didn’t run it.

I could give you the multitude of excuses I came up with not to…I’ve been working overtime this week to make up hours, I didn’t want to drive 40 minutes just to run 3.2 miles, etc etc. But, what it really boils down to was this…I didn’t feel like it.

I just didn’t want to race. It didn’t sound fun or exciting to me. It felt like just another something I had to do. So, I didn’t go. Instead, I explored a new trail and ran around Buffalo Park for a while after work. And I even had mental issues during that run. I wanted to throw some speed work into it so I did some fartlek work, but it was a mental battle to keep going for five miles and not throw in the towel after two.

For only being the first week of training, I’m finding it really hard to be motivated to run and do my prescribed workouts. I want to run. I want to be out there covering miles in my shoes and being excited about running again, but for some reason I’m not. I don’t know if it’s that I’m overwhelmed and my training schedule seems incredibly daunting, or if I’m teetering on the edge of burnout. It’s incredibly frustrating though, because after six weeks of not being ABLE to run, I would hope that I would be all that more excited to jump into running with gusto.

I hope that once my mileage is built up again and I’m running steady for a few months (I don’t really need to train after the Flag Half until Novemeber–just maintain a solid base before marathon training starts), I’ll feel more excited about what’s ahead of me. But right now, it’s something I look at and almost feel dread about. And I don’t want to dread my runs. I love running!

So, I don’t quite know what the solution is. Keep going and hope the motivation shows up eventually? Cut my running down to four days a week instead of five and give myself a little more rest? I’m not terribly sure. It’s hard not knowing exactly what the problem is–it doesn’t make it easy to fix. So, for now, I’m going to just keep running–enjoy the good runs, and be thankful for the bad ones, because they make me stronger.

How do you deal with a lack of motivation? How often does burnout happen for you?

Training Log 6.29.15-7.5.15

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July weekend! We started off ours by leaving bright and early Friday morning (hello 3am) to head to Houston for the week. After about 21 hours, we finally rolled into H-town around 3am Texas time (blegh). We spent the fourth at a friend’s BBQ and then have just been hanging out laying low since then!

I caught some kind of stomach bug (again!) and am trying to rest and get it under control. I’m feeling better, so I’m hoping to be up and moving again later this afternoon.

In the meantime, let’s recap this past week!

Monday – 4 early morning miles, 8:20 pace

This was a tough run for me. My legs were SO sore after that insane Deck of Cards workout I had done on Sunday, so I tried to keep the pace nice and easy. I got up to run early before work, and it was a beautiful morning.


Tuesday – 3 mile progression run, 8:30, 8:05, 7:40

I had a hair appointment after work and I had about 30 minutes to kill, so I decided to go run right before. I had trouble moving my legs at first, but then decided to try to pick up the pace, since I was going to be cutting it close to my appointment. Ended with my first sub-8 mile in a while! I also ran on one of my favorite urban trail systems in town! I haven’t been on it in a long time, so it was nice to just cruise through and enjoy the views.


Wednesday – 3 miles w/Rudy, easy

My legs on Wednesday were JUST starting to get back to normal after that workout, but since I ran faster than I have in a while the day before, I brought Rudy with me to take it easy. We ran on a trail near the house, and I tried letting him off leash, instead of fighting him the whole time, but I ended up stopping and waiting for him to quit sniffing too often, so I leashed him back up again so we could finish our run!

Thursday – 4 miles, split between treadmill and trails.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run on Thursday, or do the prescribed strength workout I had on the docket for the day, but since I figured I’d be in the car all day Friday, I’d run instead. When I got home from work a monsoon had blown in and it was POURING rain, so I hopped in the treadmill. After about two miles, I was struggling with boredom and the rain had stopped, so I headed outside for a few more easy miles. I didn’t want to be gone too long, since we had a lot to do before we headed out and it was already past 6:00, so I cut it short at a mile out and a mile back.

Friday – Rest. Road trip!

Saturday – 3 hot, humid, sweaty miles

We woke up around 9:00 on Saturday morning, and I wavered back and forth over whether I could go run. I knew we were going to a BBQ that night, which meant I probably wouldn’t be wanting to get up at 5 am to run Sunday morning. I walked outside and it was warm and humid, but there was a nice breeze, so I figured I could probably stand to run a few miles.

I’ll just say it was rough. I didn’t have a plan for how long I wanted to go out for–I knew 8 miles (my prescribed long run) wasn’t going to happen, but I had hoped to manage between 4-5. I had to cut it at three! There was just no way I was going to make it any longer than that. I was tired and dehydrated and the humidity was almost suffocatingly thick! I got a few glances from people who clearly though I was insane, and I had to agree with them by the time I made it back to the house.


Total miles: 17

I’m not super stoked about how low my mileage still is weekly. I know travel makes things difficult, but I’m hoping to start upping my mileage a bit more. I had planned to go out for 8 early this morning, but the stomach bug knocked me down. Maybe I’ll feel better enough to try for it this evening, but at this point, I think I’ll have to try for tomorrow.

I know I have plenty of time until the Flag Half in September, but I’d like to start getting my base mileage up a wee bit higher so I can go into that race feeling strong. Oh well, it’s all about adaptation! Hopefully things will turn around this week!

I’ll leave you here with this photo of my playing giant Jenga with our Steve.


Best part of your Fourth of July weekend? Did you travel anywhere?