Friday Things

Hello everyone! Happy Friday to all! I feel like even though this was a short week, it took forever to get here, and of course the weekend will fly by too quickly! I’ve got one last long-ish run this weekend (8 miles) before the half next Saturday and plans to do some mega laundry. How is it that vacation always creates MORE laundry?

I’m doing things a bit differently this Friday. I bring to you a roundup of my favorite stuff from the interwebs this week:

Jenny Scherer talks about her struggle with anorexia and how it almost ruined her running career. It’s a great read about something that a lot of female runners struggle with–maybe not to this degree, but I’m sure guilty of the thought “If I weigh less, I’ll run faster”. This is a critical reminder that taking care of your body–no matter the shape and size–is most important.

There’s a Hogwarts Running Club!!!!! Thinking about joining when registration opens back up.

This couple made their own Drunk History for their wedding, and it is absolutely hilarious.

Yikes. Two Harry Potter things in one post. Sorry about that, guys. For those of you who love the series like me, did you see J.K. Rowling’s announcement that we’ve all been pronouncing “Voldermort” wrong for 18 years? I’m sorry, J.K., but what’s the point of coming out and saying that? Just let us interpret/have our memories of the series and leave it alone. Voldermort will always have that “T” on the end for me.

My calves are notoriously the most troublesome spot for me as mileage increases. Runner’s World has a stellar article on how to treat your calves to some TLC.

Any fellow history buffs out there? I’ve heard and read a ton on hiding Jews in various countries throughout World War II, and even some in rural Germany, but never thought about what it would be like in the heart of Berlin. This excerpt from a new book has me hooked. I plan on purchasing and starting it this weekend.

Anyone else get through Bachelor In Paradise? While I thought last season was waaaay better than this one, this Betch review on the finale had me in tears from laughing. #truth

Girls respond to failure differently than boys. Embracing mistakes and “failures” has helped me to make wiser and better choices for myself overall–but, they were never easy to do. This made me think.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. I hate how we all think about loosing weight to run faster. Meb talks about it a bit in his book. He made it down to 117 lbs and figured he would be running at his best, but instead, he got a stress fracture. That kind of thinking almost ruined his career.

    I’ve read a lot of books about Jews in Nazi Germany. I am Jewish, so it is part of my culture to be fascinated and frightened by what happened. You should read a book called Night. It will only take you a few hours to read it, but it’s kind of a life changing book.


    • I’ve read Night! A few times actually. Definitely life changing. I read another one in college, the name escapes me, but it was also incredibly difficult to read. I’ll have to look up the title!


  2. I love this post. There are so many fun random facts here! Funny that you touched on the weight thing. I constantly struggle here – I want to weigh less so I can run faster. But, when I don’t eat enough I have a hard time training. It’s like a catch-22!


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