Colorado Trip, Part 1

To say this trip was great would be an understatement. We had such an unbelievably fun time this weekend, I didn’t want to leave!

Our original plan was to drive up through Moab over to the I-70 and go through Vail and Breckenridge, but Thursday night, Jeff’s buddy was telling us about massive amounts of construction happening in that area and how he sat there for almost an hour and a half. Since we wanted to just get there and start our weekend, we decided instead to roll through Durango and Pagosa Springs, and take the “scenic route” on our way home.

We left around 5 am on Friday morning and headed for the Rocky Mountain State.

sunrise co tri

This trip was unbelievably pretty. As soon as we rolled into Durango, we stayed in the mountains the entire time. We were at or above 7000ft until we started the descent out of the Flatirons. It was unbelievable!


Our entire drive looked like this. Disgusting.

Mountain driving

Clearly not pleased with the scenery.

This route was longer–it took us about 11 hours to get there, but it was unbelievably pretty. It didn’t take long for me to look at Jeff and simply state “Yep. I’m definitely a mountain person.”

We finally rolled into Boulder around dinner time and we had one stipulation: good food and good beer. Our friends delivered and took us to a burger and beer place in Downtown Boulder.

boulder dinner

I was carbo loading for my long run the next morning. Totally legitimate.

After dinner, we explored the mall area for a little bit before I called party pooper and asked to head back. Between the early wake up call that morning and my looming wake up call/long run in the morning, I wanted nothing more than to crash and sleep.

boulder at night

Downtown Boulder

I talked about my long run on Saturday in yesterday’s post, but I’ll just say again it was so much fun. I did some research and found an awesome trail system near where we were staying. I woke up right as the sun was starting to rise and set off to explore for 12 amazing miles.

flatiron sunriseco sunrise

12 miles

Once I made it back and showered, we headed out for breakfast and then a different kind of trail running!

Part 2 Coming soon. Have an awesome Wednesday everyone!


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