Training Log 8.3.15-8.9-15

Hey guys! Sorry this has taken me so long to get up–I know you’re all anxious to read about my running this week 😉 Things have been a little crazy in these parts the last week or so! And it seems like it’s just going to stay that way. In the meantime, I’m trying to get in as many great workouts as possible.

The theme of this week was: hills. I didn’t run as many miles this week, but every time I threw on my running shoes, I aimed to run UP as much as possible. I haven’t been doing too much in terms of speed work, so I’m hoping that the hill training I’m giving myself now, will translate itself when I start to incorporate speed again. With my endurance finally feeling like it’s getting on board, I’m hoping to start running fast again soon!

Monday – 3 miles

It was HOT out there! Major sweatfest. I only managed to hang on for three miles, but I was running up for the majority of it, so I felt like it evened out pretty well.

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Tuesday – 4 morning miles

I love morning miles. When I’m able to get my butt up and out of bed, it really is my favorite time to run.

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Plus, I found a new trail! I was running the same hilly route as I had run the day before, but wanted kept going up the hill, rather than turning off onto another road that is equally as hilly. I was running along and saw a trail going off to the side, so I popped on over and tried it out. I was already at about 1.75, so I didn’t go very far on it, but I made a mental note to try it again later that week.

Wednesday – 3 treadmill miles

Oh man, I was not feeling it Wednesday. Not at all. It was hot and smokey out and I did not want to be running. I got on the treadmill for a few miles and called it a day.

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 5 miles

When I got off work on Friday, it had started to rain and a big storm was moving in. I waited a little while to see if it would settle down out there. There was a break in the storm, so I headed straight out. I headed back to that trail I had found on Tuesday and had a blast exploring. By the time I hit about mile 2.5 it had started to rain hard and I was hearing rumblings of thunder in the distance, but not before I climbed a hill and got one heck of a view!

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I turned around and started a mad dash back to the house. When I was about a mile away the lightening was right on top of me and it was POURING. The kind of pouring that the rain drops actually hurt. I called Jeff and was like “Come get meeee!” Which he did. Because he’s the best. I finished my last mile on the treadmill when we got home.

Saturday – 6.5 miles

I had planned on running part of the Soulstice Trail Run course, but I got lost and couldn’t find the trailhead. Rather than spend the entire morning looking for it, I found a different trail head, parked the car and headed out. It wasn’t nearly as scary elevation-wise as my original plan, but I figured I’d continue to take it easy and maintain my same mileage plan. The storm the night before had made everything SO GREEN and clouds were lingering over the mountains.

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It was absolutely gorgeous and a ton of fun!

Total miles: 21.5 miles

It was a good week. My mileage wasn’t terribly lower than it has been, but I took it easier and focused more on the type of runs I wanted to do. They weren’t fast, but they got my legs used to running up and up. That’s kind of my game plan for the next few weeks, except for adding in more mileage!


4 thoughts on “Training Log 8.3.15-8.9-15

  1. Nice work hitting those hills! The run I am planning tonight includes a few rolling hills followed by a huge monster of a hill towards the end of the run. At least I can look forward to flying down the other side!


  2. Nice job this week! I love that after Jeff had to come get you you still got that last mile in on the treadmill. I totally would have been all, “eh, it’s just one mile, I can be done now”. LOL.

    I am trying to incorporate more hills into my training, too. Don’t think of them as “instead of speed work” because hill training *IS* speed work! Plus, you get the added benefit of strength training too! Wins for everyone!! One thing I recently discovered that I love is stair climbing. There are some killer stairs at a beach in town and it’s a great strength and cardio workout, not to mention it’s a nice break from running 🙂


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