Weekends are for…

…running new trails in a thunderstorm.

Displaying IMG_4769.JPG

…date nights with my favorite guy.

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…sneaking bites of your boyfriend’s uh-MAZING mac’n’cheese at dinner and regretting your sub-par Pad Thai. (And reminders that you have no one to blame but yourself for that Pad Thai because why would you order thai food at a pub?)

…ice cream sandwiches–the kind with cookies!

…movie nights because you’re internet is down and Netflix is internet-dependent*.

…long run exploring on new trails

Displaying IMG_4782.JPG

…long lunches that turn into day drinking and catching up with a good friend.

Displaying IMG_4824.JPG

…a leisurely hike with my two boys.

Displaying IMG_4827.JPG

*because of said internet power outage, I’ll be back tomorrow with my training log.

What was the best part of your weekend?


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