Friday Things

It’s Fridaaaaaaay! This week FLEW by for me. I cannot believe how fast it went. I just hope it slows down through the weekend and I can relax. I’ve got some fun plans and I’m excited for a weekend of catching up with friends and lots and lots of trails!

–My “long run” tomorrow isn’t going to be very long..but it’s going to be very tough. I was able to find the trails for one of the Soulstice Trail Race loops and plan on giving it a go Saturday. It’s only about 6.5ish miles, but it gains 950 feet. The race isn’t until November, but I’m SO curious, I have to go give it a shot. Here’s hoping it’s a lot more runnable than I’m imagining!

–Has anyone been watching The Astronaut Wives Club? I’ve been so in love with that era and the way women were represented for ages (in college I wrote my senior paper on the representation of female sexuality in the media in the 60s so this is RIGHT up my alley). I realize it’s dramatized and on ABC, but I think it’s lovely and I’ve enjoyed watching it. I just heard it’s only a 10 episode miniseries (which makes sense now that I think about the pacing of the show), which breaks my heart. I think I’m going to have to buy the book and someone needs to tell me where I can buy all their clothes.


–At work this week we had to call the police TWICE. Everything and everyone is fine, but man. So much drama. My boss leaves next Tuesday for two weeks and I’ll be all alone! I’m hoping that all the excitement this week means a very quiet next two weeks!

–In a few weeks we’re headed to Colorado for four days and I am SO EXCITED! I’ve never been, but am in love with the state. I cannot wait to go and explore! I’ll need to do a long run while there (12 ish miles) and we’ll be staying in either Denver, or Boulder, so if you have recommendations for where to run, let me know! I’m on the hunt!

–Earlier this week Jeff and I watched the movie Pirate Radio. It popped into my head a few weeks ago and we’ve been talking about watching it since (Jeff hadn’t seen it before) and finally got around to it. Yeaaaaaaars ago when I was living in LA, I went to a screening of the movie before it went into theaters. I thought it was super funny and fun but it was titled The Boat that Rocked. On my slip of paper with my comments at the end of the screening I wrote something along the lines of “loved the movie, the title sucks, you need to change it” and it came out as Pirate Radio, so naturally, I credit myself with that brilliant move by Universal (or whatever studio). We were watching the movie from a file Jeff had found on an old hard drive and it was still titled The Boat that Rocked! He had somehow gotten a screening version and it made me laugh. Legitimacy to my story.

Have a stellar weekend everyone! I hope it’s full of the things you love! Run far and enjoy a cocktail on your patio 🙂


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