Training Log 7.13.15-7.19.15

Hello! I’m sitting here Sunday night, not quite ready to say goodbye to the weekend. To say we had a good one would be an understatement. There were lots of trails (for both running and hiking), DIY house projects we’ve been talking about doing for ages, brownie-baking mishaps and brownie-baking successes, and wine. It was one of those weekends you need after a week of crazed vacation madness. It was great and I am not ready to go to work tomorrow.

What I am ready for, however, is training week #2. After feeling blah about my first week of training, I had a long run that helped me fall in love with this process all over again. It was on a killer trail and I enjoyed every minute of it. But, before I talk about that, let’s look at the rest of the week, too!

Monday – 4.5 miles, hill repeats

This was my first set of repeats that was merely to run up and up and up. Usually, my hill workouts include a shorter hill–something around the 0.10-0.15 of a mile mark and are generally pretty steep. I run it all out as many times as I can stomach. This time around, I wanted to get used to running up a lot further than I was used to, but to do it at a speed that was manageable.

hill repeats

I chose a hill that I HATE. It’s long. About 0.40 of a mile long. And it’s a steady, steady incline. it’s a hill that generally makes me feel like crap. I always have trouble with it and it makes me question the shape I’m in, REGARDLESS of the shape I’m in. So, I ran up it 5 times. I needed it for the workout, but also for the mental toughness. I needed to conquer that bastard. It was brutal, but I felt SO GOOD afterwards.

Tuesday – 3 recovery miles with Rudy

I decided to take the Ru-dog with me for an easy morning run. It was MY mistake to take him on a trail for our first run back at home. The dude was let loose at J’s parent’s huge backyard for a week, and allowed to chase all the squirrels he wanted. Let’s just say my arms hurt after this from pulling his leash so much. I cut it at 3 because I couldn’t handle it anymore! The good news was that he wanted to sniff at everything, so our pace was nice and slow.

Wednesday  –  5 miles, 8:08 avg

I had seen a trail on my warm up before my hills on Monday that I wanted to check out, so I went on it Wednesday after work. Turns out, it was just another way to get up to Buffalo Park. So, since I found myself there, I decided to turn the workout into some kind of speed work. I ran some fartleks: 30 sec hard x 30 sec rest for 3 miles. It was my first time doing any kind of speedwork since February and let me tell you…it was rough.


But that view cannot be beat.

Thursday – Deck of cards workout x 2

I did the Deck of Card workout twice. Once focused on abs with the following : Sit ups, crunches, reverse crunches and leg drops (is that a real thing? I think I just made that name up). The second time around I did push-ups, tricep dips, squats and leg lifts. BRU.TAL.

Friday – 3 miles, 8:17 avg

Nothing remarkable. Just some easy miles after I got off work and before a storm hit. It was refreshing and joyful.

Saturday – Long run, 7 miles


long run 3

long run 2

long run 1

I had heard so many people tell tales of how amazing this trail was, and have been trying to get out there to run it for over a month now. I finally made it, and it did not disappoint. I was originally planning on doing about 8 miles, but found that the elevation changes–minor as they were (started at 8750 ft and went up to about 9k)–plus a harder week than I had run in a while had killed my legs. I decided to cut it down to 7 and work on building my mileage over the next few weeks.

I have a new favorite trail and I will be returning soon.

Sunday – 4 mile hike with my guys

We woke up to quite the gloomy day. It was overcast and we were threatened with rain all day. But, we had plans to hike and hike is what we did.

boys hiking


Anytime I get to spend on trails, especially with J, I’m not going to complain about.

Total miles: 22.5 

Pretty significant jump from last week (14 miles) and a solid first week back in training. I feel pretty good about it and am looking forward to continuing my momentum. I was having a tough time finding motivation earlier this week, but after that stellar run on Saturday, I remembered why I was out there doing this. Because I LOVE to do it! I love spending my weekend mornings out in the woods doing what I love. For the time being, my focus is on enjoying the trails I have access to. Come November, that’s going to change as I shift into marathon training and winter forces me back onto the roads. Until that happens, I’m going to enjoy my time exploring new areas and trails, and look at my upcoming races as opportunities to continue building my endurance and strength and enjoying time with others that love what I love to do too.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement! You guys are the best and I so appreciate your presence on my little corner of the interwebs here.


6 thoughts on “Training Log 7.13.15-7.19.15

  1. So true what you said about hill training/sprints making you question the shape you’re in. I had that moment a couple weeks ago and felt like I had made a mistake signing up for my marathon. But then you feel great afterwards! (way way afterwards) Those trails look beautiful!


  2. I have a love/hate relationship with hill workouts and I love your workout! Awesome job! I am excited to get some hill workouts under my belt again. Your trail run looks amazing! Isn’t it funny how one run can completely restore your love for the sport? I feel like as soon as my relationship with running starts to feel stagnant, something exciting like that happens and I’m all in, once again 🙂 Great job this week!


  3. Nice job on your training! I have a hill that I hate too, and sometimes when I’m feeling particularly masochistic I go up and down it like 6-8 times. You’re gonna have a great base when you get to marathon training again in November.


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