Friday Things


I was about to ask if anyone else was excited it’s Friday, but DUH. It’s Friday. I can’t imagine a single person in the world who is like “Ew. Friday.”

Thanks everyone for your comments on yesterday’s post! It’s always good to know you’re not the only one feeling a certain way! I’m sure my motivation is hiding somewhere, I’ve just got to find it! I have plans for a long run this weekend on a trail I’ve been dying to try for weeks (seriously. And every weekend seems to have something go wrong, so I’m stoked to have the opportunity to try it this weekend!). I’m hoping some alone time on a pretty trail is just the medicine I’ll need!

Anyways, let’s get to our Friday Things.

1. I finally just started listening to the podcast Undisclosed. If you were a reader back when Serial was first coming out, you may remember my obsession with it. Once it ended, I wanted more information and heard about Undisclosed coming out, but I never tried listening to it! Weird, I know. My friend told me to give it a shot and I’m so glad I did. If you enjoyed Serial and are curious about the Adnan Sayed case, I recommend giving it a listen. I had SO many unanswered questions after Serial ended, and Undisclosed is doing it’s best to answer them. I’m only two episodes in and all I can think is “How did this case get SO royally effed up?” I truly hope I’m never involved in a crime, because after this, I’m terrified of the way investigations go!

Maybe Bones and Booth will be on my case, and then for sure the real perpetrator will be caught….Anyways..

2. I read this article about Ice Baths from Runner’s World and found it extremely interesting. I’m a huge proponent of the ice bath. Any long run 14+ miles, I ice bath when I get home. It’s an interesting read!

3. Have you ever brewed your own Kombucha? After reading Tracy’s post about it, I feel like it’s something I may want to try. I love Kombucha but man! $4 a bottle adds up quick. I usually buy one for myself as a treat on the weekends. It’d be nice to have a stock in my fridge.

4. Have you read this article? I remember reading it about six months ago when it first made the rounds on Facebook, but I came across it again yesterday and re-read it. Kindness, people. Not just in your romantic relationship, but in all your relationships. Can you imagine what the world would be if we were all a little more kind to each other? There’s your food for thought this Friday. 😉

5. I’m seriously craving some time by some water. I wish it was the beach (we had a beach day planned for while we were in Houston, but unfortunately due to the tropical storms that water was bacteria loaded so that got scratched), but I’ll settle for a lake or the creek. J and I have been talking about taking a day trip, so hopefully we’ll make that happen soon!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


7 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. I’ve thought about brewing kombucha too since I also love it but it does get soo expensive!

    I would caution you on the Undisclosed podcast to take things they say with a grain of salt. One of the attorneys was the person who got Sarah Koenig involved because she was convinced Adnan was innocent (she’s a very close friend of his) and it’s paid for by the Adnan Syed trust, so it’s definitely a slanted, biased podcast.

    That said, I totally agree that I would hate to be accused of a crime given the state of the U.S. justice system. Even if you’re acquitted, trials take years to happen, so you’re stuck in prison for that time! It’s awful.


    • OMG it’s SO biased. I just listened to the third episode about Jay and they’re totally fishing and searching for meaning during his interview tapes. It’s kind of ridiculous. I do think it’s interesting some of the things they have found out–like there wasn’t a wrestling match the day Hai went missing–but yes, it’s definitely listening with a grain of salt!


  2. Yeah, I never ice bath. Nooooo thank you. I’ve always thought, if that sort of thing really works for other people, that’s great for them. But if I can get by fine without that ridiculousness then I might as well just skip it.

    I’ll second what Jen said about Undisclosed. I also was a huge fan of Serial, but you always have to remember to consider the source with things like this. Not that you can’t enjoy it and listen freely, but it’s just always a good idea to think critically about everything you read and hear these days.

    Love the kindness article, I totally agree. When I see the way people talk to each other on the internet I’m just like…why don’t more people understand that they can get their point across just as effectively while being nice? Is it really that hard? I’m always trying to check myself and remember to try and approach others with love and understanding, even though some people inevitably make it very difficult


    • Haha! I’ve always felt that they do help with recovery, but this article has me rethinking that! Who knows though. I just responded to Jen too, but holy yes it’s biased! I almost skipped the third episode it was so bad! And agreed! Life rule: Don’t be a dick. I work with some difficult people at times, but it never helps to get upset and angry when they’re upset and angry. Kill em with kindness!


  3. Interesting read on the ice bath regimen. I ran 14 and biked 18 today and promptly put myself in an ice bath after it was all over, just like I always do on days where I go hard. I’m not planning on changing that anytime soon, but that literally contradicts everything I’ve ever read! And, my buddy Bart Yasso (he’s my neighbor) swears by them. He always tells me – the night before a big race, take an ice bath, let yourself warm up, and you will be ready to rock in the morning. So I do!


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