We’re Home!

Hello, happy Monday! We’re back from our vacation and back to the daily grind. Also, it was only 55 degrees when I got up this morning! Heyoooooo. I’m not going to bore you today with my training log from vacation week, because it is really nothing special. I ran four times total while we were in Houston (HA! Jeff said I would only suffer through it twice) and none of them are remarkable. Slow, hot and humid. And I only ran about 14 miles total. While it’s not the week I wanted to have while we were in Houston, it was what happened and I’m embracing it.

I’m jumping head first into training this week and plan on doing some actual workouts (gasp!) with an actual long run on Saturday.

say what

I know, Ron. It’s shocking.

I’m afraid of going into this half marathon undertrained, but I also do have 8 weeks to get into half marathon shape. I don’t have much of a base, so this might end up being really interesting, but we’ll see how things go!

The last bit of our vacation was really fun! On our last night there we met his friends at a craft beer bar for one last hang session. They had nitro coffee on tap and it was amazing. I hope that’s a fad that starts sweeping the nation because holy balls, if I could have that every morning, I’d be a happy camper!

We decided on our drive back to split it up and stay the night in ABQ with my brother and his girlfriend. After a 14- hour drive, we met them at Marble Brewery for some beer and BBQ from food trucks. It was glorious.


Back in the car…again. There’s something weird in the background that I thought was a Ostrich neck, but that wouldn’t make any sense, so there’s that random thought for you today.


Marble has an awesome patio. I’m a sucker for patios during patio weather. Especially when beer is involved.


Beer! This was their Pilsner. Not my favorite.

It was a really fun night. We eventually took the dogs back to their house and dropped them off and went to another bar down the road. Rudy was starting to act like a nut, with all the action and live music, so we had to get him out of there. Poor guy was on sensory overload.

We left around 10 yesterday morning after grabbing breakfast at the cutest little place ever (Cinnamon in case you were wondering) and rolled into town around 1:30. And it feels absolutely great to be home! I love vacation, but there’s something about coming home to your bed at the end of it.

Anyways, hill repeats are on the docket for today after work. I was going to wake up early to do it before work, but I was tired so I slept instead. But, they should be terribly exciting and barf-inducing.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


8 thoughts on “We’re Home!

  1. I need to hear more about this nitro coffee….. Sounds like something I might love. Glad you had a great vacation!! Don’t worry about the mileage, you still got some running in and you will be rested up for your training!


    • Oh my gosh. It was amazing. You know how they do the nitro beers on tap? They do the same thing with coffee. It was AMAZING. I don’t typically drink black coffee and I was just sipping on that stuff. Jeff and I immediately started researching it and where we could find it!


  2. Nothing like your own bed after a long vacation. I always put fresh sheets on before I leave so I can come home, jump right in, and pass right back out : ) Kill those hills today girl !! Have a fab one !


  3. I think it’s really good that you went with the flow with running on your vacation. I think you will find that It will benefit you to be all rested up and ready to go as you dive into your half marathon training. Sounds like you had a great vacation!


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