Training Log 6.29.15-7.5.15

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July weekend! We started off ours by leaving bright and early Friday morning (hello 3am) to head to Houston for the week. After about 21 hours, we finally rolled into H-town around 3am Texas time (blegh). We spent the fourth at a friend’s BBQ and then have just been hanging out laying low since then!

I caught some kind of stomach bug (again!) and am trying to rest and get it under control. I’m feeling better, so I’m hoping to be up and moving again later this afternoon.

In the meantime, let’s recap this past week!

Monday – 4 early morning miles, 8:20 pace

This was a tough run for me. My legs were SO sore after that insane Deck of Cards workout I had done on Sunday, so I tried to keep the pace nice and easy. I got up to run early before work, and it was a beautiful morning.


Tuesday – 3 mile progression run, 8:30, 8:05, 7:40

I had a hair appointment after work and I had about 30 minutes to kill, so I decided to go run right before. I had trouble moving my legs at first, but then decided to try to pick up the pace, since I was going to be cutting it close to my appointment. Ended with my first sub-8 mile in a while! I also ran on one of my favorite urban trail systems in town! I haven’t been on it in a long time, so it was nice to just cruise through and enjoy the views.


Wednesday – 3 miles w/Rudy, easy

My legs on Wednesday were JUST starting to get back to normal after that workout, but since I ran faster than I have in a while the day before, I brought Rudy with me to take it easy. We ran on a trail near the house, and I tried letting him off leash, instead of fighting him the whole time, but I ended up stopping and waiting for him to quit sniffing too often, so I leashed him back up again so we could finish our run!

Thursday – 4 miles, split between treadmill and trails.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run on Thursday, or do the prescribed strength workout I had on the docket for the day, but since I figured I’d be in the car all day Friday, I’d run instead. When I got home from work a monsoon had blown in and it was POURING rain, so I hopped in the treadmill. After about two miles, I was struggling with boredom and the rain had stopped, so I headed outside for a few more easy miles. I didn’t want to be gone too long, since we had a lot to do before we headed out and it was already past 6:00, so I cut it short at a mile out and a mile back.

Friday – Rest. Road trip!

Saturday – 3 hot, humid, sweaty miles

We woke up around 9:00 on Saturday morning, and I wavered back and forth over whether I could go run. I knew we were going to a BBQ that night, which meant I probably wouldn’t be wanting to get up at 5 am to run Sunday morning. I walked outside and it was warm and humid, but there was a nice breeze, so I figured I could probably stand to run a few miles.

I’ll just say it was rough. I didn’t have a plan for how long I wanted to go out for–I knew 8 miles (my prescribed long run) wasn’t going to happen, but I had hoped to manage between 4-5. I had to cut it at three! There was just no way I was going to make it any longer than that. I was tired and dehydrated and the humidity was almost suffocatingly thick! I got a few glances from people who clearly though I was insane, and I had to agree with them by the time I made it back to the house.


Total miles: 17

I’m not super stoked about how low my mileage still is weekly. I know travel makes things difficult, but I’m hoping to start upping my mileage a bit more. I had planned to go out for 8 early this morning, but the stomach bug knocked me down. Maybe I’ll feel better enough to try for it this evening, but at this point, I think I’ll have to try for tomorrow.

I know I have plenty of time until the Flag Half in September, but I’d like to start getting my base mileage up a wee bit higher so I can go into that race feeling strong. Oh well, it’s all about adaptation! Hopefully things will turn around this week!

I’ll leave you here with this photo of my playing giant Jenga with our Steve.


Best part of your Fourth of July weekend? Did you travel anywhere?


7 thoughts on “Training Log 6.29.15-7.5.15

  1. Nice job this week! Your speed is really coming back to you!

    I also am feeling a little anxious about my base mileage not being where I want it to be, especially since I had a change in plans for this weekend that derailed my planned long run. Training in summer really does come with a unique set of stresses, that’s for sure!


    • Also, I’ve always wondered: how do you get all your running action shots? Do you have someone take pics of you?


      • That damn paparazzi! 😉 I use the self timer on my iPhone and just prop it up against a rock or something!


  2. Best part of the week was watching the fireworks and indulging a bit more than usual. I traveled up to Nantucket which was a total treat. It’s definitely my happy place so it was a lot of fun to get back there : ) Congrats on some great runs, and your miles will be up before you know it!


  3. OMG WE HAVE LIFE SIZED JENGA, TOO!!!! My husband made it – it is SO FUN. Literally just played it for the first time two weeks ago. Hilarious. Gorgeous trail and pictures! Great job this week. We stayed local and went to my sister in law’s house for a BBQ on the 4th!


  4. I found your blog through a comment you had left on the “hungry runner girl blog” and am so glad I did! So great reading about the journey of other runners and getting inspiration! Also loved reading about your runs over the week! What a testament to hard work 🙂 I am looking forward to continuing to read!


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