Training Log 6.22.15-6.28.15

Happy Monday! I’d like to take a second to wish my little brother a very happy birthday! The dude turned 25 yesterday and got to celebrate in Europe! Lucky duck.

Now let’s get down to business! Training technically starts for me today…ish. I’m going to start buckling down and start building up my base milage and hope by the end of July I’ll be in good shape to really start upping my milage. I don’t have any runs longer than 12 miles on the schedule prior to the Flag Half in September, but I’d like to be running 12 miles comfortably. I may also try to get in a 14 miler beforehand if things go well the next month or so. I’m going to be incorporating a lot of hill work and all my long runs will be on some sort of trail with some decent amount of elevation gain.

So, with that plan in mind, I took this week pretty easy as my last “non-training” week for quite a while!

Monday – 2 mile run with Rudy + 3.5-5 miles hiking

I woke up early Monday to go for a few quick miles before I went into work. I woke up and my stomach wasn’t feeling awesome–probably due to the stomach flu I had had on Friday and then the amount of drinking done on Saturday with my girlfriends. Either way, Rudy and I headed out for a few easy miles. After I headed into work for a few hours, I left and went for a hike with Alyssa, J and Rudy.


We did a trail called Fat Man’s Loop, but I’m not sure what the milage was. I thought it was two originally, and then maybe three, Jeff’s phone said it was closer to four, and then his buddy said it was five.’s safe to say we did something around 3.5-5 miles.

Tuesday – 4 trail miles + 4 miles walking

Lots of walking this week! Since Alyssa was in town visiting, there was a lot of walking around Flag and reminiscing about our college days. Tuesday morning we headed out to walk around NAU and then we walked around Downtown for a bit. Before that, I got up in the morning to run and managed to do four on some nearby trails.


Wednesday – Strength training

I did a quick arms, abs and legs workout before heading out to a friend’s birthday dinner.

Thursday – Rest

I had plans to run after I got off work on Thursday, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was really exhausted for some reason, so I took the evening to rest and relax.

Friday – 3 treadmill miles @ 7.2mph

I couldn’t get myself up out of bed before work on Friday and when I got out of work at 2, it was 95* out, so I hopped on the treadmill for a few easy miles. It was during that run that I decided getting up and out before work was a way better alternative to running on the ‘mill. As much as I love it during the winter when it is a much better option than 5am running in single-digit weather, I’d much rather be outside in the summer!

Saturday – 5 miles on Soldier’s Trail

I was planning on doing the whole loop I ran at the trail race a few weeks ago, but my legs felt like lead the entire time, so I cut it short. I still got a decent amount of climbing done and my jello legs at the end made me feel like I really got a workout, so I’m happy with it.

soldier's trail 6.27

Sunday – Deck of Cards workout

Has anyone done one of these? Holy balls! My quads were SMOKED after this workout. I did the following:

  • Hearts: Lungers
  • Diamonds: Squats
  • Clubs: Push-ups
  • Spades: Sit ups

You take a deck of cards and go through the deck one-by-one. Numbered cards are the amount of reps you do for each exercise, Jacks are 12, Queens are 15, Kings are 20 and Aces are 25. It was quick and killer! My legs are gonna be sore!

Total miles: 14

If you add in the walking, it’s a bit more, but 14 running miles. Time to buckle down and start increasing!


16 thoughts on “Training Log 6.22.15-6.28.15

    • It’s brutal! My quads are so sore today! It’s definitely going to go into my strength rotation more frequently! 🙂 And I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m probably going to get onto the streets soon so I can do a bit of training on both. Since all my fall races are trails, I want to make sure I’m spending a good amount of time on them, but at the same time I don’t want road running to be a shock to my system once I transition to marathon training in mid-November. So, I think for now I’ll do all my long runs on trails and then try to mix it up once training really ramps up. Once it starts snowing streets will be my main option, so I’m going to try to soak up the trails as much as I can until then!


  1. That workout seems like no joke! Haha. I would definitely be totally spent after it. Great step back week and a perfect way to prepare for an increase in milage! Hope you have a fabulous day!!


  2. Oooo love that Deck of Cards idea! I’m gonna have to try that!

    Lovely trails, as usual. This is random but I just got those same Oiselle orange shorts and I’m so pumped about them! So perfect for summer


    • Ah! They’re the absolute best. I love rogas so much. I almost just bought another pair and had to restrain myself for the time being, haha! And yes! Try it out! It’s brutal but hurts so good!


    • Haha, it WAS killer! I highly recommend it! I went through the whole deck (it was the worst when you kept getting the same suit), but I did girlie push-ups 😉


  3. Nice job this week! The pictures of you trail running should be in Runner’s World in their “Rave Run” section – that looks awesome!!! I need to try that deck of cards workout asap – that looks hardcore!


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