TRM Hot Summer Nights #1: 7k Race Recap

So….I ran a race yesterday.


Team Run Flagstaff–a running group in town (it’s more then a running group though–you pay a fee to be apart of it every year) is putting on a small racing series this summer. The series is one Wednesday night per month, and there’s a 7k, 5k and 3k race. Last night was the 3k.

I had completely forgotten about this until Saturday when I was looking at a flyer given with my pint glass at the Extreme Big Pine and I saw it listed on there. And it went exactly like this…

“Ohhhh yeaaaaaaaa”…..

“Oh Shit.”

Since I raced on Saturday, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of yesterday, but I surprised myself! So, that’s cool.

It was held at the Nordic Center just north of town and we ran one giant loop. The course was mainly up, up, up and then we went down for a little teensy while.

7k Elevation

I ran most of the uphill, with a few walking breaks every so often on the steepest part. There were two girls that were maintaining a pace near mine, and I’d slow to walk and they’d pass me, then I’d start running again and pass them. At one point one of the girls said I maybe had the better tactic. Ha! I told her it was just a side cramp, she was doing great and to keep going.

We reached the top-ish around mile 2 and I decided to just keep running no matter what. My pace wasn’t anything outstanding, Mile one hit around 8:00 (ran that first flat and downhill a little TOO fast, then the uphill caught me), mile two was a 10:44 (oh boy), Mile 3 clocked in at 9:04, and mile 4 came in at 7:01.

I was running a sub-7 pace on the downhill and picked off a ton of people. I was chasing down a guy that had passed me and given some words of encouragement on the uphill. We picked it up and kept pushing me, and ended up finishing just a few seconds ahead of me.

It was a really fun race. It was nice and small. I finished 23rd out of 68-ish people and 8th female. Not too shabby! I didn’t have a whole lot of time to hang around after since I had J, dinner and the GoT finale waiting for me, but I enjoyed myself immensely. Looking forward to the next one in July!


10 thoughts on “TRM Hot Summer Nights #1: 7k Race Recap

  1. Nice work! I think it’s fun to race distances that we don’t spend much time thinking about. At least, I’ve never really thought much about how fast I can run a 7k.


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