Friday Things

Hello! I hope your Friday is sunny and warm. It’s currently cloudy and miserable here…more rain is in the forecast. I don’t know what is up with summer this year, but I’m over the gloom! Bring on the sun and warm weather!

This week has been a doozy. I’ve been really tired and really hungry…my body adapting to running again, I imagine. Anyway, let’s hop to it!

1. One Wednesday, driving home from work, my car lost power in the middle of the busiest street in Flagstaff. During rush hour. I sat there for a split second thinking “Oh SHIT”. I threw my car into park, put on my hazards and started trying to get it going again, so I could at least pull over (I was in the middle of the left lane at a stop light). No go. Luckily, some guys were walking past and yelled to me and asked if I needed help pushing. YES THANK YOU! They pushed me out of traffic and into a parking lot and I thanked them profusely. Then I called J and let him know and he came to rescue me.

Eight year ago when I bought my car (Geez. It’s been eight years!), about a month after, the check engine light came on and I was told it was the catalytic converter. It was going to be an expensive fix (we’re talking thousandS and I had just bought the damn thing), but they told me I could drive on it for a while….so for eight years, I’ve been driving with my check engine light on. Well, J believes that my cat is so clogged, my car won’t stay on. J is confident he can fix it, yay! So, hopefully next week I’ll have my car back. I have never been so grateful to be in love with a car guy as I was when he was driving that thing back home. I don’t know how he did it, but he’s amazing.

2. June holds a lot of big memories for me. I’ve been in this perpetual state of walking down memory lane all week. Four years ago today, my best friend and I were getting to the airport to embark on a six week long European Backpacking Extravaganza!


3 years ago, I climbed to the top of Mt. WhitneyΒ and then met J a week later. Two years ago, I was traveling to Montana for said best friend’s wedding shower,

Alyssa getting married

And last year I ran the Utah Valley Marathon and crushed my PR by 18 minutes. It’s amazing the things that have happened, all in the same week, just one year apart.

3. Has anyone been following Scott Jurek’s trek across the Appalachian Trail? He’s attempting to run the entire thing in something like 41 days. I’ve been following him on Instagram for a while, and it’s been so amazing seeing his posts each day. I can’t imagine running that much day after day. Incredible.

4. It’s Donut Day! Are you celebrating? I was hoping to get one this morning, but we didn’t have time. I may have convinced my coworker to go get us some though!

5. Any “Game of Thrones” fans out there? I just had this huge soapbox-y rant written out and deleted it. J and I are a few weeks behind–we JUST watched the Sansa rape episode and I have lots of thoughts and feelings about it. I decided not to subject everyone to it, though, and got rid of it. IF you want to talk about it though in the comments, I would be happy to get all ranty about it there πŸ˜‰

Have great weekends everyone! I plan on running 6-7 miles tomorrow morning. Eek! I have no idea how it’ll go, but after I survive I know mentally I’ll feel better going into the race next weekend.

Do you ever get overly angry at television shows or movies? I definitely do.


16 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Ooooo car trouble! I hate it! I absolutely hate spending money on cars. So sorry that happened to you. I’ve been following Scott! I love him. His book was so inspirational to me. His instagram posts are unmatched! Have a good run tomorrow!


  2. Scott Jurek is amazing! I have been following him on facebook, and he looks like he’s doing really well. Good luck on your run this weekend. I’m sure you’ll do great and be ready for your race.


  3. Am I celebrating National Donut Day?! Silly question! Of course I am! πŸ™‚ I hope your coworker pulls through for you!

    I think it’s so cool that this week in June is so full of memories for you. I agree with Maddie – it must mean that you’ll have a good run this weekend that will leave you better prepared for your race.


  4. Happy June! That’s awesome that the month has so many good memories for you! I wish I had a month like that! June is the opposite for me this year, last year I had one of the worst weeks of my life in mid-June and it took me weeks before I felt better, so there are some uneasy memories going into the month this year. BUT that just makes me even more determined to have an AWESOME June. My marathon falls in the same week this year as the Week That Shall Not Be Mentioned from last year. Coincidence? πŸ™‚

    I heard about Scott Jurek’s trek. What a beast!


    • I actually think you’ll be surprised by what I’m ranting about! I was not shocked about the scene at all–and in fact, it was a lot less graphic than I was anticipating. I would expect nothing less from Ramsey on their wedding night. And, that scene wasn’t even about Sansa–it was about Ramsey using her as an instrument of power over Theon (a theme that is not new to GoT anyway–I almost didn’t watch the show because of how badly women were treated the first season. It’s just a product of the time and the era). That scene was about Ramsey’s complete control over Theon. I have a heavy suspicion that they’re setting Theon up for some kind of retribution.

      What irked me was that Sansa is, again, just a passive character. At the end of the fourth season, they were setting her up to gain some power, and they’ve let that completely dwindle away. In fact, they’ve done that for all the major female characters. GoT used to have these powerhouse women…who have all become completely passive. Arya’s story line is so, so boring. I’m sure she’ll regain some of her spark once she’s at the House of The Faceless (or whatever its called) for a bit, but even Daenyrus has become super whiney this season. All the female characters have become submissive and it’s incredibly frustrating to watch. I’m hopeful that it’s going to get better as the season continues, but I feel like it’s pretty apparent that since they’ve surpassed the books and the writers are on their own, maintaining the strong female characters aren’t really a priority. The storylines are heavily, heavily male driven now, even when it does follow a female character.

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      • I think there’s a lot of validity in what you are saying (but you already know that, you don’t need my validation – but I wanted to recognize it)

        I’m about to pass out – just got back from watching a long middle school musical starring a friend of my daughters (the fact that I’m preambling with all this detail shows I’m tired…) and I would like to discuss this, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow or so.

        It’s a shame in some ways that this season has been omitting some of the plots from the later books, or has altered the plots to the detrimental of some powerhouse women (like Asha (called Yara on the show) Greyjoy and one of my favorite Martell who has not been on the show…)

        I promise I’ll come back and try to present some points (not necessarily arguing, I’d like to discuss what you’re saying.)

        Full disclosure, I do a lot of Game of Thrones blogging, but pretty much only between seasons (to help pass the time without GoT on the air) so my goal in commenting on posts like this is to generate ideas for my articles and to help crystalize my position.

        The ebb and flow of agency in characters, specifically Sansa, who is the poster child for “hey, what happened to my agency” is a complex issue, and to paraphrase Melisandre “dark and full of terrors.”

        Thank you for your feedback, you’ll hear back from me soon, respectfully.


      • The storylines are heavily male-driven now, although they’ve always been that way. I think what you are pointing out, that the stories involving women have them more constrained and less successful in achieving their goals. I hope that changes appropriately (by that, I mean I’d prefer Cersei not achieve her goals.)

        I’m sorry you find Arya’s storyline so boring, after seasons and seasons of being carried around like a package that can’t be delivered, I was happy that she got to choose where she wanted to go, and what she wanted to do. Unlike her sister, Arya has chosen to be at the House of Black and White, and in service of her own goals, is in a position of acolyte. There is an emphasis though that for her to progress, she has to abandon the things that makes her Arya, so it does seem like she’s putting herself into a situation that will be a problem for her.

        Sansa is in a bad situation, and I’m hoping that she will still be the princess who saves herself. Her ability to control her destiny has never been that great, and although she was shown to start getting the tools to take charge of herself, she’s now been dropped in perhaps her worse possible situation (who could have imagined Joffrey being a less unpleasant option?) I’m not crazy happy about how they’re adapting Sansa’s storyline, but the Northern storyline is far stronger than how they’re adapting the storyline in Dorne.

        It’s also frustrating that Brienne is waiting, waiting, waiting to spring into action. Here’s hoping she does. She’s almost always been in a more subservient role, even though she’s a formidable fighter. I’d like her to get a win, now and then.

        Not everyone is a fan of the Dany storyline, but she’s a solid example of someone who started with very little, and has gained a great deal. Unfortunately, everyone’s fortunes will bring them into situations where they’re not well equipped to handle things. (If this doesn’t happen, they aren’t living up to their potential.)

        It’s tough seeing Dany in a position of power, but not doing well in regards to things that really matter, like her dragons.

        It’s a cop-out for me to say “hey, maybe things will get better for them” or to point out that while the women are having troubles, so are the men. There are plenty of stories in the world featuring guys, and Game of Thrones /A Song of Ice and Fire is a step above in that there are so many women as part of the story, and not necessarily as props or resources for the men, that it’s tough when the overall storyline has them down on their luck or not being active.

        It’s a cop out, but it’s pretty much all I have. I suspect that things will change. Their personal agency will rise and fall, I’m never one to expect someone not to find themselves in a bad situation. But I hope in the long run, that *some* of them will excel. It just might not be our favorites.

        (I predict a not-happy ending for Arya, which will be a grim time for me. But it will probably be consistent and complete.)


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