Memorial Day Recap

Hello hello! I hope everyone had an absolutely outstanding Memorial Day weekend! And if you had to work yesterday, I am deeply sorry. I have felt your pain for many a year! This weekend was a fun one. So, let’s recap!

Friday started with margaritas and chips and salsa with a friend! She has Fridays off and since I get out between 2 and 2:30 on Fridays, we met up for an early happy hour to kick start the weekend. When I got home, J and I met up with a friend to go see “Mad Max: Fury Road”

mad max

I’m not a real Mad Max fan (the old ones), but this was pretty good. Visually, it’s an awesome movie. So, if anything else, see it for the cool cars.

Saturday was uneventful. I did a bunch of cleaning and laundry and grocery shopping…all the fun adult things, while J got the Jeep ready for our wheeling adventure on Sunday.

Sunday morning we headed out bright and early to get to Payson by 9 am. We met up with some friends from Phoenix for a day of wheeling.


It was a beautiful day and such a fun trip! Towards the end of the trail, there’s an obstacle going up a waterfall. We were able to see one large buggy try the same line for about an hour before winching himself up and then another guy attempt and brake an axel. Quite the day. 

Yesterday, I went for a short, stormy run. 

My ankle is feeling awesome, but hoo boy! I am out of SHAPE! My endurance is shot. It’s an odd mixture of emotions these days. I am so happy to be running, and so frustrated for it to be so hard. I’m trying to quiet that little voice in my head-and let myself take the time to recover fully and gain my strength back. I have lots of thoughts on this, so get ready for that later this week! 

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with J, my dad and brother. I took no photos because I’m a bad blogger. One day I’ll get hat figured out. 

What fun things did you do this weekend? How did your running go? 


One thought on “Memorial Day Recap

  1. Wow that off reading adventure looks like so much fun!! Here in NC it’s all mud and dirt but those rocks look amazing. My fiancé would be in heaven! I’m so excited that your ankle is feeling better. Don’t worry, your endurance will come back in no time!


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