Friday Things and Such

Hello, happy Friday! This week has been crazy. It was my first week at the new job and I love, love, love it. It’s such a 180 from the gallery that it’s almost too good to be true. Anyways, I was a busy bee this week, so I’ve been pretty MIA from the blog world in general. So anyway, let’s catch up a bit!

1. Thank you all for your kind words and support on Tuesday’s pity party post. But I am happy to say….I RAN!


I ran 2 miles yesterday and three miles this morning. I AM SO HAPPY. There’s still a little bit of soreness, but nothing that overly concerns me. I think a part of it might also just be my ankle is weak. After today I’m going to go to running every other day until I feel stronger/more confident in my ankle. BUT the good news is my running shoes are back on my feet and that’s all I care about.

2. I truly, truly, believe my massage appointment on Tuesday helped get me back in my shoes so quickly after having so much pain last Saturday. I want to write a full post on it, so stay tuned for that next week.

3. I have a three day weekend! And a PAID HOLIDAY! This is huge huge huge for me. I’ve never had a job where I got holidays. Seriously, somebody pinch me.

4. To make Monday even better, my dad and brother will be hanging out for the day. 5 years ago my little brother joined the army and on Thursday he got his discharge papers! He’s going to my parent’s place in LA for a few months until he starts school in the fall, so my dad and him are passing through on their way. I am SO EXCITED to see them! I haven’t seen my brother in over two years now, which is just ridiculous. He used to go to NAU before joining the Army, so it’ll be fun to have him in Flagstaff again. It’s changed so much in five years, it’ll be interesting to show him around.

5. We’re supposed to get some more rain this weekend and then FINALLY hit the 70s next week! I’m ready for some sun and patio weather already.

Have wonderful weekends everyone!


5 thoughts on “Friday Things and Such

  1. Massage therapy has saved me from a painful back that has plagued me all my life. I’ve felt guilty and kept it a secret that I was getting one sometimes two massages a month. After all, isn’t it the pampered women that has regular visits to the spa?
    But good-bye Orthopedic Surgeon who wanted to operate, good-bye Chiropractor who just wasn’t helping much. Hello 90 minute guilt free massage that now has become as important to my good health as brushing and flossing my teeth! As a fellow unprofessional athlete think of massage as part of your equipment. Look how excited you are with the purchase of new running shoes, what good are they if they are going on a painful body?


  2. YAY! It must have felt great to get back out there and run! I’m not surprised the massage helped. I’m a big believer in massage therapy, especially for athletes.


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