Running Favorites

Happy Friday!! 

I was trying to think of things to talk about to my Friday Thing post and all I could think about was last day of work! And oh it’s snowing again.

Not overly exciting. But then I saw that Lizzy had tagged me for a Running Favorites survey. So, that’s what we’re doing today! 


Running Place 


Flag is where I started running seriously. It’s where I’ve trained for all four marathons. It’s where I started trail running. It’s been the home of my running journey from beginning to where I am now. From struggling to run 3, 10 min miles, to running a BQ. It’s challenged me with its terrain and weather. I love it. It’s home. 

Time of Day

I’m a morning runner. As much as getting up early pains me, I love the feeling of accomplishing my run before the rest of the world wakes up. Even if it’s freezing and snowing. 


High 60s, sunny and no wind. That’s my sweet spot. 


I think it’s safe to say we all know it’s Picky Bars. 


The thing about running is the rewards are usually intrinsic. Most of us aren’t winning big money pots. We’re enjoying the stress release, endorphin high, and pride of a PR. For me I think it’s the constant show that I can improve, and the knowledge that I am capable of SO MUCH. 3 years ago after running my first marathon, I never thought a BQ would be possible, but I did it. I’ve allowed myself to dream big, work hard and achieve those goals with my running. And I’ve begun to let that same idea trickle into my personal life and career goals. 

Also, ice cream and wine.

Have stellar weekend everyone! I’m going to greatly enjoy my first of many Saturday’s off again πŸ™‚ 


11 thoughts on “Running Favorites

  1. Hi! I saw on Maddie’s blog post yesterday that you wanted to be added to the 2015 Fall Marathoners Blog Roll I put together for your shorter distance races – I’d love to add you if you want to tell me what the races are! So far Lizzy’s the only one in “other distances” and I think she’s getting lonely down there.

    I’m jealous of morning runners. I’d love to be a morning runner but I just can’t get up in the AM, and I hate the feeling of knowing that I can’t relax after my run because I have a full work day ahead of me. I’ve tried every trick in the book to start waking up earlier but nothing helps 😦


    • Thanks for including me! I’m running the Flagstaff Half Marathon, the Soulstice Trail Run and Ragnar McDowell Mountain. Do you need dates? I don’t know them off hand, but I can grab them! Thanks again πŸ™‚ excited to be a part of this!


  2. Flagstaff looks so pretty! I have never been, but I would love to take a trip out that way! I can’t believe it’s still snowing. It’s like 80 degrees here in Kansas.


  3. We’ve been having strangely unseasonable weather here in LA too. Lots of rain and it even snowed in the mountains outside of town last week! So weird.

    So far I’m really digging the Picky Bars as well. I tried my first one last week and it was a great pre-run snack. It was filling but didn’t slosh around in my stomach at all – just right! Thanks again for sending them!


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