Friday Things

Hello! Happy Friday! I’ve got a few things I want to talk about, so I’m here for a Friday Things post!

1. THANK YOU all for the kind words and support regarding my new job. I am so excited to be moving on and starting this new venture. I think it’s going to be so good for my mental health. Everyone has been so supportive and excited for me, including you guys, so thank you so much!

2. Wednesday I saw my friend that’s a massage therapist at a get together. I asked her if she would mind taking a quick look at my ankle to see how it felt to her. It had really been hurting ever since that hike I took last weekend while camping, and I was worried I had over-used it too early and set myself back. She stretched it and massaged it for a while and told me it looked and felt surprisingly good, considering how badly it looked the last time she saw it (right after the initial sprain). It was a little sore yesterday after she worked on it, but it feels really great today! I’m going to make a real appointment to see her and have her work on it some more!

3. I really, really miss running. Since my work schedule is changing with this new job, I haven’t bowed out of the trail race in June yet….I’m hoping that by some miracle, I can start running in the next few weeks and then be ready enough to run the 13k route (8 miles). It’s about 6 weeks away….I’m kind of doubtful, but optimistic!

4. I’m doing a Ragnar!


I joined a team with some ladies and gents I went to college with, and we’re doing the Trail Ragnar at McDowell Mountain in November! I have been wanting to do a Ragnar for yeaaaaaars, so I am super stoked about it.  This is also nice, since you have a sweet camp site and there’s a village where you can hang while you’re not running, instead of being stuck inside a tiny van. This has my running juices flowing! I’m getting so excited about my fall race calendar. Ankle hurry up and heal!

5. I am not a swimmer by any means, but I think I’m going to try to get into a pool a couple days a week. I need to start doing SOMETHING more active, and getting my heart rate up, and that might be some pool time. I’m leaning more towards the pool running aspect, so I can feel like I’m working on my fitness, and not jump back into running TOTALLY at square one. We’ll see how it goes, stay tuned!

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! Run long!


3 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. That’s so exciting about Ragnar!! I hope having something to look forward to will make you less bummed about that ankle. I know it must be so tough, but you’ll be back running before you know it. The best thing you can do right now is rest rest rest so it heals all the way. I have issues with letting things semi heal and then making the whole process take way longer than it should.


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