Training with a Busted Ankle

Let me tell you something:

Not having your foot is hard. I’ve never had an injury like this. Even when I hurt my heel, I was able to walk and do non-impact exercises, like barre and yoga and strength training. Squats and whatnot were fine. My heel only hurt when it had some serious impact, aka whenever I ran. But basically everything else was fair game.

This time around, there was a good week and a half where putting weight on it at all hurt. The day I fell, I stayed the rest of the day off it, keeping it elevated and icing religiously. Tuesday, I called in from work and stayed at home on the couch watching sappy chick flicks, keeping my foot elevated and icing it. By Wednesday, I was able to gingerly put some weight on it and I was able to go to work. My coworker gave me an air cast, which has helped immensely. It’s seriously unbelievable how much better it felt having some support!

For the first week or so, putting weight on it hurt. Full stop. Walking hurt, standing hurt. It made just about everything difficult to do. Driving to work was suddenly a chore (turns out trying to drive left-footed doesn’t work. So, trying to drive with my right foot has been…interesting), and work was hard. Luckily, my boss has been super understanding and my coworkers have been great in picking up my slack. My job involves working partly on the sales floor, and mostly in the back office. Since my injury, I’ve been basically confined to the back office (which is a-ok with me).

Anyway. Progress is being made. I found this past week that I’ve been able to walk normally. While I’m at work, I keep the air cast on, as I’m on my feet a lot more than I’d prefer, so I keep the extra support. But while I’m home in the evenings, I’ve been taking the cast off and walking without it. It tends to tire quickly, but overall, I’m able to walk with no pain which is SO exciting.

So what have I been doing in terms of training?

Not a whole lot.

It’s hard to find stuff to do when you can’t put weight on your foot! Squats are out of the question, planks, standing arm weights, normal push ups…it all put way too much pressure on my ankle. So, I had to get creative.

Enter, Pilates.

pilatesI used to do Pilates semi-regularly years ago. My mom really got into it when she had to stop running because of her back, and was looking for a new challenging workout. So, I looked up some videos on youtube and got cracking. And holy abs! 

I was sore for DAYS. I do ab work pretty regularly. Several times a week in fact. And this was absolutely killer. I only did about 20 minutes the first day and boy howdy. That was enough.

Since then, I’ve doubled it. I do the same 20 minutes, twice. The video goes into other moves, planks and standing push-ups and whatnot, things that I can’t do because of the pressure it puts on my ankle. So, I’ll do the first bit twice, and then do some arm work.

Bicep curls, tricep curls (Is that a real thing?), dips, push-ups (modified on my knees since the weight on the ankle thing), dumbell presses (for the pecks), and shoulder presses. I sit on my big ab ball thing, since I can engage my core and it’s not standing on my ankle. I’ve also done some glute work that doesn’t involved standing (again–pretty limited).

It’s getting repetitive and kind of boring, but it sure is better than doing nothing. It’s keeping me engaged and feeling like I am working towards something. My fitness is going to be gone for SURE when I’m able to start running again, but at least I’ll be strong–which will help.

Yesterday, however, I had a break through.



I had to modify a few poses that made my ankle kind of hurt (Child’s Pose of all things. My ankle can’t bend that way just yet), but I was able to get in a solid 60 minutes of YOGA! It was glorious. I am so excited to start incorporating that in this week! I’m also hoping to start walking a little bit–20 or 30 minutes on the treadmill, but I’m going to make sure my ankle feels great until I try that.

I’m hoping things continue to improve and I’ll be back running in two weeks. That may be optimistic, but I also think it’s playing it pretty safe. I absolutely will not try to run again until I am SURE that my ankle can handle it. No matter what that means.

So, that’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods. Being injured sure sucks, but I appreciate all the support and love from you guys! Your well wishes have meant so much. I hope to be back posting photos of epic trail porn for you soon. I’m determined to be running and enjoying the sun this summer.


6 thoughts on “Training with a Busted Ankle

  1. yay for yoga.! you should do a yoga/ pilates fusion class, best of both worlds.? lol
    and I’m sorry about your foot not being a 100% yet. it’ll get there.. :/ injuries just suck.!


  2. I’m glad to hear your ankle is starting to feel better and that you’ve found some creative ways to stay active as you recover. Hopefully you’ll be running again soon!


  3. Awesome! I’m so glad to hear that you’re on the mend. Child’s pose also hurt me after my ankle injury. You look pretty strong there in your Warrior II pose! 🙂


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