Marathon Monday

Happy Marathon Monday!


Did you watch the race this morning? I fan girl-ed it from my living room with my coffee and peanut butter toast. That finish between Dibaba and Kotich?! Unbelievable. Meb’s finish was beautiful, my heart broke for Shalane and I’m so excited for Desi. Yet again, it was an amazing morning.

Watching this morning made me so excited to run this race. I’ve been reading up on how registration has worked in the past and I’m staying optimistic that my by-the-skin-of-my-teeth BQ will be enough to get me toeing the line in Hopkinton next April. The amount of community and athleticism that is shown every April at the Boston Marathon is so inspiring.

My journey to Boston started the Saturday before the 2013 Boston Marathon.


I was visiting my best friend for the weekend and we happened across the finish line on our way to the Boston Library (sorry-I’m a nerd). I made her take this picture of me and I remember thinking how badly I wanted to be crossing that line myself one day. I had run two fulls at this point and was in the middle of a burnout running break. That finish line was the inspiration I needed and made me want to go run immediately.

We all know what happened that Monday. It’s a day the running community will never forget. I was sitting at my desk at work in shock watching and reading the coverage of the bombings and aftermath. I was texting friends and reading blogs to make sure the people I knew were okay.

I knew that I would be doing everything I could to get my BQ. Two attempts later, I got it at the Phoenix Marathon in February. I stated shortly after that I hate the marathon. My goal was to get the BQ and whether or not I get to run next April, I was going to be done with the marathon.

Well. I lied. While watching the race today, I know deep down that I want to run this race. I don’t know if I just needed a real reminder of why I worked so hard to earn that BQ, but my excitement about it is reinvigorated, people! I want a chance to cross the start line in Hopkinton, run past the girls at Wellesley College, run up the Newton Hills and dominate Heartbreak Hill, see the Citgo sign and run past Fenway Park, and make that final turn onto Boylston St before crossing that finish line. I want to experience the support and love for running that is demonstrated every third Monday in April first hand.

I’m hoping that my BQ is enough this year. And if it isn’t, I’ll be returning to the marathon to improve my time for another shot. This marathon holds so much meaning for me, and I will run it one day.

Thanks for another inspirational Monday, BAA.


4 thoughts on “Marathon Monday

  1. awesome.!!! you can do it girl.!! 🙂
    I hope to BQ someday also.. not as passionate about it as you. but it does truly look like an amazing experience.


  2. You will definitely get in with that determination! Boston is definitely inspiring. I was just hoping to improve my awful marathon time but now even I am looking at Boston like…. maybe I can?? Hopefully you run it next year!


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