Friday Things

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Anyone have big exciting plans this weekend? I may be venturing to my first ever Hot Yoga experience. I’ve been wanting to give it a try for yeeeeaaarrrsssss, and when I was mid-peak week in marathon training my friends all went one morning. I couldn’t join them since I had a 20 miler on the docket, but I think I have gotten them to all agree to go again this Sunday! I’ll be sure to report back if it happens!

1. Remember my Spring Wishlist? Well, I purchased some beauties from it this week. trailshoes

They came in yesterday and I about squealed with joy! I was going to take them out for a test spin this morning, but it was 20* out and I didn’t want my first time running in them to be on the treadmill. So, I think I’ll give them a test drive this afternoon after work! I’m so happy to have Brooks back in my life!

2. My amazing, wonderful, best friend in the world is coming to visit! We were originally planning a weekend getaway together to meet somewhere fun, but when it came down to it, she really wanted to come to Flag and I will NEVER say no to that! I can’t wait to see her! We backpacked through Europe together for six weeks, and I haven’t seen her since her wedding almost TWO years ago! It’s so tough when your best friends live so far away! June can’t get here soon enough!

3. J-Money and I bought tickets to see John Butler Trio at the end of June and I am stupid excited. I’ve wanted to see John Butler live ever since I saw the video for “Ocean”, I thought I would have to travel to ever see them live, but they’re coming to Flag! It’s going to be awesome.

4. Remember when I mentioned I signed up for that 27k? I’m having mixed feelings about it. I’m going to make a tentative training schedule and see how I feel, but I’m keeping the option of dropping to the 13k open. I’m not sure I want to jump into a full blown training session again just yet.

5. The weather cooled down considerably this week. The spring winds started and it’s been cold compared to what it has been the last few weeks. I gotta say, I’m over it. I’m ready for sunshine and warmth, and sunrise runs! At least it’s not snowing.

Have a great weekend friends!

Do you also get unbelievably excited for new shoes? 


9 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Yay for your best friend coming to visit.! I also don’t get to see my bestie often either. so it’s soo nice when we get together. No big exciting plans for this weekend. Just work and run 🙂


  2. Love those shoes!! I have the Brooks Glycerins and they are really similar. Whenever I get new shoes I get sooo motivated to break them in and go for a long run.

    So glad your friend is coming to visit, that will be fun!


  3. Yay for new shoes! They are such a cute color, too!

    I hope you write about going to hot yoga. I’ve never done it but have been meaning to try it for awhile.


    • I definitely will give my full review! I’m thinking I may even go solo should my friends bail! I’ve been meaning to do it for so long, I need to just do it!


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