Friday Things

Happiest First Friday!

Does anywhere else have a First Friday? Here in town all the art galleries stay open and give out free wine and whatnot for people walking around looking. At the gallery that I work at in Sedona, we do something similar and I am always SO relieved when I don’t have to work it!

Anyway, let’s dig in to it!

1. I found out Wednesday night that I got into Soulstice! I am SUPER pumped. I chose the 11 mile race and plan on going to run part of the course sometime before October (ha!). I’m pretty excited about another trail race to put on my calendar. So far, I have the Flagstaff Extreme Big Pine (still deciding between the 27k and 13k option),  the Flagstaff Half Marathon and now Soulstice as trail races this year.

2. J and I started watching “Parks and Rec” on Netflix and I cannot stop laughing. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on here already (sorry if I have!), but it absolutely kills me. We had tried to get into it once before and only made it 3 or 4 episodes before giving up. Then I heard on a recent episode of “Pop Culture Happy Hour” to start it at episode 6, so that’s what we did and I am hooked. We just got to Season 3 and Rob Lowe’s character absolutely hilarious.

Treager running

3. I’ve been reading this novel, recommended by this girl. And omg it is utterly fascinating.

4. Who’s getting pumped for Marathon Monday?! I just realized I have Mondays off and plan on watching the elites race Boston. And of course get super pumped for next year! (Sidebar: I’ve had a few people ask me whether I’ve checked 2014’s cut off time. I have and it’s 3:33:xx. I realize that with my barely-there BQ, I have a solid chance of not getting into Boston this September. But, it’s also a new year and I’m going to stay optimistic until then! I can write more on this later, but I just don’t have it in me to train for another marathon and try to get another, faster, BQ before September.)

5. I wish I could take all of you, my invisible internet friends, on a run here:


Because it just seems selfish not to share.

Have fabulous weekends!


2 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. We have first fridays too! I used to go all the time, but they were kinda always the same thing, so I don’t go anymore. They were nice when I was trying to make friends in the area.

    Your pics are always so awesome!


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