Training Log 3.16.15-3.22.15

Happy Monday folks!

I’m back with a training log with some actual runs this week! It felt good to get my legs moving again, to plan some runs and actually complete them. I even managed some pre-work, early morning runs.

Monday : 6 miles, 8:13 avg

It was a freaking b-e-a-uuuuutiful day last Monday and I wanted to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. This run felt really good, my legs were moving well and I just set out to run easy and enjoy every minute of it.

 trail run

I’m so freaking happy spring is here and the trails are runnable. I want to try to experience a lot more of them this spring and summer, especially with the trail races coming up this year. I took an easy route near the house and set off for some sun filled glorious miles and I loved every step.

Tuesday: Strength day – 30 min NTC workout

My goal is to get a lot more strength training in in the next couple of months. It feels good to incorporate it again. I had let it slide to the wayside for much to long at the end of marathon training.

Wednesday: 3 trail miles in Sedona

My garmin died pretty early into this run, so I have no pace information, which is kind of nice. I knew the general turn around spot for 3 miles, so I just ran easy and enjoyed the killer views and weather

Sedona trail

Pure magic.

Thursday: Strength

I did another easy strength day. Abs and some arm work.

Friday: 3 treadmill miles + abs

I couldn’t get myself out of bed, so all I had time for was a quick 3 miler and some quick abs before work. We were going out that evening for a friend’s birthday, so running after work wasn’t an option.

Saturday: 5 treadmill miles, 7.2mph

Saturday after work I headed to Phoenix to spend the evening with a friend. So, I managed to get my butt up and onto the treadmill before work in the morning. I can’t wait for warmer mornings when the sun comes up earlier. The dark mornings and 20* weather is still upon us and I can’t motivate myself to get outside anymore. So, I’m incredibly grateful for the mill.

Sunday: Rest

After an evening of this:


Head’s up and shot specials. We’re the most fun in a bar ever.

..a morning of sleeping late, brunch and some shopping at the Scottsdale Fashion Square (WHY DO YOU TAKE ALL MY MONEY SEPHORA! WHYYYYYY), I didn’t have it in me to attempt any kind of exercise on Sunday. So instead I enjoyed a nice rest day.

Total miles: 17

I’m hoping to continue building my milage back up to live comfortable in the 25-30 miles/week range. I’ve been feeling really good since the race and I’m pumped to get my mileage back up.


10 thoughts on “Training Log 3.16.15-3.22.15

  1. Great trail pics! I need to get my butt up in the morning to get a workout in. But it’s so hard sometimes. Getting up earlier would more often than not allow me to workout. After work, its hard to find motivation with a house and family to come home to. Great job on trying to get your mileage back up!


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