Spring Running Wishlist–2015

So, I had this post scheduled to go up yesterday….only I messed up my date, so it never actually published. SO, here we go. Instead of today’s usual Friday Things post, I’m putting this one up! Have a very happy weekend, everyone! I hope it’s great!

We’ve been having some seriously amazing weather here lately. Spring has come to stay and I could not be happier! I know we’ll get a least one or two more snow storms, but for now I’m going to enjoy the warm temps that mean I can wear shorts and a tank top and hopefully get rid of my pasty winter white skin.

In celebration of impending tan lines that scream “I’M A RUNNER!” to strangers faster than I can, here’s my Spring Running Wishlist!

Spring Wishlist

1. Garmin Forerunner 202: I’m not in the market for a new Garmin (yet), but if I were, I think I’d be upgrading to the 202. I’ve had my trusty Forerunner 110 for about a year– I thought I lost it, bought a new one, found my old one, sold old one to friend. My old one I had had for nearly 3 years. It’s a solid watch. It marks my distance and pace, and really, that’s all I’ve wanted up until now. But the 202 has some serious perks that I’m interested in. Pace alerts, Vibrating action, and built-in accelerometer so you can use it inside. It’s also quite pretty.

2. Oiselle Runway Bra: If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a minute, you’ll know my fangirl love for Oiselle. I had to restrain myself from putting their entire spring line on this wish list (and I think I’ve mentioned this bra before), but this bra is unreal. It is just so pretty. I love that it’s not just another sports bra, but it’s got a serious look.

3. Brooks Adrenaline ASR 11: I’ve worn Brooks Adrenalines for-ev-ER [if you didn’t say that in the voice of the kid from “The Sandlot”, you can excuse yourself now] but recently switched to try out a Mizuno substitute. After training and racing in them, I can safely say I don’t think I’ll ever deviate from Brooks again. This version of the Adrenalines is their trail shoe. Since I plan on doing a lot more trail running this spring/summer/fall, I want to give these bad boys a shot.

4. Oiselle Suspension Shimmel in Midnight Koolhaas: I recently bought the Suspension Shimmel during an Oiselle Factory Sale and it’s quickly become my favorite running top. It fits amazingly, the built in bra is actually legit (I’m small chested though, so larger chested ladies–you may want to double check that statement), it’s lightweight and breathes great. I wore it on Monday on a run that was about 67* (which is quite warm for this time of year in Flag) and it was glorious. I want another one and I think this color and pattern is stellar.

5. Oiselle Farrow Tank: It’s just so pretty! And it looks so crazy comfortable and flowy. I think this would be a great tank to wear on early morning runs during the summer.

6. Oiselle Stride Shorts in Punch Koolhaas: I have a pair of the Stride shorts (black) and love them dearly. They don’t ride up and aren’t too short as to make me feel like I’m letting it all hang out. I’ve really enjoyed having bottoms other than black or dark blue, and think these would be such a fun color to own!

7. Oiselle Wazelle Halter in Ocean: To me this is such a unique running top! One of the reasons I love Oiselle SO much is their clothes are not boring racerback tank tops and basic cut shorts, AND they’re functional and fit well. I think this shirt is just so unlike anything I’ve seen that I must have it. Plus, the open back paired with the Runway Bra? Makin’ running look so good!

So there you have it. My very Oiselle-heavy wishlist. If anyone wants to contribute some cash-money to my fund, I have a feeling I’ll be needing it very soon!

Any clothes, technology or shoes new this season you’re absolutely dying to have? 


12 thoughts on “Spring Running Wishlist–2015

  1. I love all of these!! I’ve been running in the Brooks Glycerin (I’m usually a Ghost or Adrenaline girl) and am loving them so far!


  2. Cute clothes! I hear ya with the Brooks shoes. I switched from adrenalines to ravennas a little over a year ago and I love those ravennas so much that I bought a second pair of last year’s! This year’s version was kinda ugly, but I didn’t want to change shoes.


  3. Oiselle clothes are so cute, but SO EXPENSIVE! I tend to stick to Champion brand to get the job done. But then again, I’m not very stylish, even when I’m not running 🙂 I bought a pair of Brooks Pureflows last year and ended up loving them. I’m a Asics girl, but will definitely buy another pair of those suckers soon.


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