Random Thoughts for Race Week

Holy cow guys. Race Week is messing with my head. I am all over the spectrum to feeling so freaking ready and so freaking not. I’m having full blown conversations with myself in my head, with one voice high pitched and freaking out about everything, and then the calm reassuring voice telling me everything is going to be great. So, rather than continue down this road to insanity (and in hopes of not having weird looks on my face anymore that concern the man-friend), here are my random thoughts about race day.

I am playing Russian Roulette with emotions lately. One minute I am SO pumped and excited for Saturday, the next I am freaking out about all my little aches and pains. My heel has been  bothering me off and on for a while and the last week or so it’s been pretty persistent. I’m sure that having to spend most of my days on my feet (even though I’m in good shoes) has something to do with it. It feels better when I’m in my running shoes or my work shoes though, so that’s good. I bought some KT Tape, hoping that may helpa smidge. Also, my hip/glutes are still SO sore. I’m pretty sure that had to do with my run on Sunday. I plan on some stretching, rolling and yoga-ing tonight in hopes of loosening it all up.

I’ve been checking the weather obsessively. Monday there was an 80% chance of rain in the afternoon. Then that moved to late in the morning (when I’ll be finishing running), to the full morning. Then yesterday it changed to rain all day, to rain in the afternoon, to a 20% chance of rain. The little rain emoticon was even gone from the forecast. This morning, however, I woke back up to this:

Mesa  AZ Weekend Weather Forecast   weather.com

Back to afternoon showers! I know it’ll continue to change and I won’t really know until Saturday morning, but I can’t help myself. That wind is freaking me out, too, though. UVM in June had a headwind of 20 mph and it slowed runners down about 10  min or so (I crossed the line 7 min shy of a BQ). Luckily, this course is mostly SW facing, so it should be a tailwind for the majority of the course. Clouds means a cooler course, so my fears a few weeks ago of overheating won’t be an issue. I’m remaining positive that it’ll start the downpour AFTER I cross the finish line and am tucked away safely back in our hotel room.

I’m also not entirely sure what to wear. I’ve got my shorts and sports bra…and that’s about it. Tank top? T-shirt? I tend to run cold…so long sleeve? What if it does end up raining. Capris? I’ll probably bring a few different options to make a game day decision.

Overall, I think the most overwhelming feeling I have is anxiety. I’m anxious over just about everything and analyzing  E V E R Y T H I N G .

I know that I am capable of running a 3:30 on Saturday and am confident I can do it. I know the hardest thing for me will be the last 6 miles when my legs start to feel fatigued and my brain starts to tell me to walk.


Too far.

I’m incredibly grateful for the race I had at UVM in June. It was the first time I finished a marathon feeling strong and crossed the finish without having to walk, so I KNOW that I can do it. My biggest focus will be keeping my head in the game, being positive and telling my legs to move a little faster then what’s comfortable.

I have NO idea what I’m going to listen to while I run. My last marathon, I had saved up a few “Stuff You Should Know Episodes” but I haven’t been doing that (oops). I think I may just listen to “Serial” all over again. I know for a fact that it will keep me interested, so that may be my best bet.

I am so stoked to meet all the runners! This marathon is shaping up to be the social event of the season and I hope to meet a few readers (come say hi if you recognize me!) and instagrammers! I’m hoping to drag J-Money to a few of the meet-ups if possible. If you don’t already, follow me on instagram as I’ll be posting updates during the weekend.

And those are all my crazy thoughts. Thanks for sticking with me through that! It feels better to get it out of my head 🙂

Happy Wednesday all!

Have you ever run a race in the rain? What do you recommend wearing?

Any advice to keep your head strong, let me hear it! Love hearing from you!


14 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for Race Week

  1. I think I went through this exact feeling when I ran a half marathon a few weeks ago (I told you a little about it in another comment). I had invested so much training and emotion into the race that in the days leading to it, I was a mess. I had a weird pain in my quad that I had never felt before. I was searching the internet to see what it might be and was totally freaking out. As soon as the race was over, it went away and I have yet to feel it again. I totally think it was me playing head games with myself.

    As for clothes… I tend to run cold, too. However, I think I’d go for less in a race. Maybe bring a throw away long sleeve that you can ditch after you’re warmed up (or keep if you’re still cold).

    Good luck! You’re gonna be awesome.


    • Exactly! It feels overwhelming it’s finally here! Thank you for making me feel less crazy and alone haha and I was thinking of a throwaway long sleeve too. It may be the best way to go! Thank you!!

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  2. haha. oh gosh. Sounds like you have all sorts of race anxiety.
    but I hope your heel and glutes start feeling a lot better.!! you got this girl 🙂

    I’ve raced and ran in rain manyyy times. Thanks to living in Oregon. I would recommend wearing light weight stuff. because whatever gets wet, is just going to drag along and be heavy.

    and advice.. hmm think about all of the great training you’ve done up to this point.!! you’re going to do awesome 🙂


    • Haha I know. All sorts of mind crazy going on here. Would you recommend dressing warmer at the beginning in anticipation of getting cold/wet? I think that’s where my big question is coming in.

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      • Yea I would. Be prepared to take any layers off though. Rain can be so complicated to plan for. Once you get going you get too hot, but once your done you realize it’s way too cold. Lol


  3. I’ve never run a race in the rain, so I can’t help you there, but it sounds like maybe the rain will come later in the day. Hopefully? Have you looked at wunderground.com? I find their forecasts to be the most accurate, and they have hourly forecasts too, so that might be reassuring.

    Don’t worry about the aches and pains. Do what you can – stretch out, foam roll, maybe ice some spots. I’m sure they’ll all be gone on race day 🙂

    Good luck this weekend!!


  4. Ah, the Taper Madness. I know it well 🙂 73 sounds mighty warm to me. If it were me, I’d do tank and shorts with a baseball cap for the rain. It rained horrifically my last marathon, and I barely even noticed it b/c of my hat (and I was in a sportsbra and shorts!). Anxiety is normal. Believe in yourself!


  5. I’ve never run a race in the rain, and have also been checking the weather for Saturday OBSESSIVELY. It rained last year for it also (I didn’t run it but have friends who did) and they said the weather didn’t impact finish times at all. I’m more worried about the wind….but my weather app went from “very windy” to not even mentioning the wind, so I feel a bit better 🙂

    My right glute/hamstring has been giving me problems this past week (seriously, during the taper I swear things start to hurt more…and not phantom pains…it legit hurts haha!). KT tape and stretching have been helping thankfully. I’m nervous too…and I’m just finishing up my playlist…it helps me to have a mix of songs with a fast cadence, and also songs where even though they may be slower, they motivate me enough to get out of my head during the hard moments.

    I really hope to meet you at the start, and hopefully at the finish too!! My ultimate goal is a 3:28 for this one, but really I’m cool with anything sub-3:30. Safe travels!!


    • So far the winds are sticking with SSW so I’m feeling good about a tailwind! 🙂 and oh no I hope your hamstring feels better!! Why is taper so obnoxious? Haha…I would love to meet you at the starting line! If you want a running buddy for a while, I’ll be wearing bright orange shorts (we’re talking traffic cone orange!). Good luck, hopefully we’ll see each other!


  6. It can be as windy as it wants if it’s a tailwind!! 🙂 It’s definitely feeling better, and I probably wouldn’t pay any attention to it if I didn’t have a race this weekend…so I’m sure part of it is me overreacting haha! That sounds awesome-I’ll be wearing bright pink Brooks calf sleeves…one leg says Run and the other says Happy 🙂 I can’t wait!!


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