Training Log 2.10.15-2.16.15

Happiest of Mondays! I’m all thrown around this morning, since I’m heading into work. J-Money’s birthday is tomorrow, so I swapped days off so we could celebrate! I also ran this morning so tomorrow could be a rest day, so I feel like it should be Tuesday already! As is Mondays aren’t bad enough!

The first week of taper is behind me, and besides dealing with a bit of the Taper Crazies, it was a good week of running.

Tuesday – Strength training

I did an arm and ab circuit that left my tricpes sore for days!

Wednesday – 4 easy miles with the pup, 8:00 avg


It was a beautiful evening when I got home from work, so I laced up and took Rudy with me for some easy sunset miles. I’m loving that the days are getting longer!

Thursday  – 7 miles, 8:21 avg

I split this run into two. I ran 5 miles in the early morning and just didn’t have any gas in the tank. So, when I got home from work that evening, I grabbed Rudy and we went out to finish two easy miles together.

Friday – 3 miles on treadmill, 7.0mph

Another easy run. Work was insane busy and I realized midway through my run when I was feeling crazy lightheaded that I hadn’t had much to eat that day. I cut it short and immediately made dinner.

Saturday – Rest

I was going to get up early Saturday morning to do a strength workout, but that didn’t happen. I got home from work much later than I anticipated and J was ready to start our Valentine’s date, so I took the day as a rest.

Sunday – 10 miles, 8:10 avg

I set out for some easy miles before Jeff and I went and explored Pine and Strawberry for the day. I knew I wanted to do double digits and keep it at an easy pace. I didn’t look at my Garmin at all and just counted the beeps for miles, but I ended up running pretty consistently at race pace, which felt really good!


The next few weeks before the race are crazy busy. Work is picking up since we’re going into season, which will mean longer days and hours and more time on my feet. I’m relieved the race is so soon, because man, do I need a break! Gonna keep it easy again this week, and bring my milage down even more. I am getting super pumped for the race though!

Total mileage : 24 miles

How was your Valentine’s weekend? How far did you run this week?


One thought on “Training Log 2.10.15-2.16.15

  1. Nice work with your training! Tapers can be so hard, but it looks like you’re keeping busy with other things, which seems to help me. It looks beautiful out there!


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