Fighting off the Taper Crazies

The countdown to the Phoenix Marathon has officially begun. As of this morning, there are only SIXTEEN DAYS until I’ll be toeing that start line, hoping for that elusive 3:30.


This week has felt really off to me. Since I wasn’t able to do my long run on Sunday, and then it got cut into pieces on Monday, I don’t feel like I ended my training cycle on a strong upswing. I’m sitting here scrolling through Instagram and seeing other people’s workouts and I can’t help but think..

Did I train hard enough? Am I really ready for this?

And the big one…

What if the BQ doesn’t happen. 

I know everyone talks about the “Taper Crazies”–when you have to suddenly slow waaaay down and do that whole “trust in your training” thing…And dude. It’s effing hard, bro. I am so nervous that this race is going to go to hell.


The kicker is, I KNOW I have no reason to be so worried. I’m usually really ready for the taper. It’s the time to relax and sleep more–run a lot less and enjoy some down time before the big day. I’m usually so wiped out that that is exactly what I need and want, so I take full advantage of it.

For some reason though, this time around my head is an absolute mess.



My training cycle was solid. I know that. I may not in the shape I was before UVM in June, but I feel pretty fit. Despite this, I catch myself listing off all the aspects of my training that I could have done better.

My strength training was lacking. I can admit that. I cut it down to once a week, and when I did it, it was pretty lackluster. I did an arm workout yesterday and holy hell are my triceps sore today! Not an awesome sign… I didn’t do as much yoga as I probably should have, and I’m suddenly terrified that because my 20 miler and my 22 miler weren’t stellar that I’m totally f*cked. Add to the list that I did no downhill training even though the course is downhill and in my head, I’m totally screwed.

Regardless of how insane I feel, and worried that I rushed this training cycle and didn’t push myself as hard as I should have, I’m trying to focus on the positive aspects of the last few months.



  • I may not have PRed at the Fiesta Bowl Half, but I still ran a solid time.
  • I had a kick ass 18 mile run.
  • I pushed through all the mental crap and finished the crappy runs.
  • I pulled myself out of the deep dark black hole of a bad week and kept going.
  • I put the work in.

Regardless of what happens on the course on the 28th, I’ll finish another 26.2 miles. That in itself is a big deal. Especially considering the crazy schedule I managed in order to get my training in (a post on that to come!).

I’m hoping this blog post will help me get back into a more stable mental state–I’m writing the crazy out as I eat some more Goldfish (because, carbo loading) and I’ll wake up tomorrow mentally strong and able shut out the Taper Crazies for the next two weeks.

And in the meantime I’m going to continue eating all of the food and sleeping as much as possible…because I can.

And with this motivational quote, I leave you.

And with this motivational quote, I leave you.

Do you fall victim to the Taper Crazies? What are your tips for coping during taper time?


6 thoughts on “Fighting off the Taper Crazies

  1. Don’t let the taper crazies get to you! You’ve had a solid training cycle and I’m sure you’re ready to run a great race. I’m looking forward to reading all about it!


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