Training Log 1.26.15-2.1.15

Happy February!

I kind of can’t believe January is over and it’s February. I’m in the home stretch of training for the Phoenix Marathon, and boyyyy do I feel it. This coming week is my last week of hard workouts before I start to taper for the race on the 28th. I’m trying to keep that in mind and push it just a bit more, despite how tired I feel.

This week was the highest mileage I’ve done in almost 7 months, and it’s the first time this training cycle that I thought running five times a week may not be the best idea. I am tired. During training for Utah Valley last year, I was running four times a week and hit 47 miles as my peak week during training. I hit 47 this week and will hit somewhere between 50-52 next week. It may not seem like much of a jump, but as I’ve said before, I don’t function super well with high mileage. I’m hoping since it’s just one week it’ll be okay, but I’d be lying if I said that this past week didn’t make me nervous about hitting 50 miles this week. I may just have to see how I’m doing a tweak next week as necessary. My biggest focus is finishing my 22 mile run next weekend.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this week!

Monday  – Rest

I walked Rudy and did some ab work, but I mainly took it easy. I did a lot of chores around the house and my typical Monday errands (grocery store, target, etc). Then I spent a few hours on the couch watching Friends before heading over to my girlfriend’s for a viewing of The Bachelor.

Tuesday – Hill Repeats, 5 miles total

It was pretty dreary on Tuesday when I woke up. I briefly thought about scratching my planned hill workout to opt for a speed session on the new treadmill, but since it wasn’t raining and there was a break in the clouds, I decided to suit up and head out anyway.

Taken on my mile warm up. Worth going outside.

Taken on my mile warm up. Worth going outside for.

Workout was as follows: 1 mile warm up, 5xlong hill repeats, 10xshort hill, 1 mile cool down

Splits were:

  • 5xlong: 0:47, 0:50, 0:49, 0:49, 0:49
  • 10xshort: 0:28, 0:26, 0:25, 0:26, 0:26, 0:24, 0:25, 0:27, 0:26, 0:27

My legs were having a hard time during the last couple of repeats, but overall, I’m very happy with the consistency of my splits. It was a killer workout and I spent the rest of the day thanking the running gods for compression socks.

hill repeats

Wednesday – 10 miles, split: 3 miles @ 7:58 avg & 7 on treadmill @ 8:20

The plan was to run an easy 7 miles after work on Wednesday evening. Jeff didn’t have to work, so I was going to come home and try out the treadmill. Well, at about 3pm on Wednesday, I was informed there was a staff meeting Thursday morning at 8am. Which meant the miler I had planned for Thursday morning would have had to been done at about 4:30am. So, I switched it up and did my ten miles on Wednesday night instead.


I took Rudy with me for the first three miles outside and then hit the treadmill for the other 7–put the incline at 1% and set it at 7.2 mph. Was done a little after 7pm, made myself some dinner and crashed on the couch for the rest of the evening.

Thursday – 5 miles, 8:17 avg

I set out Thursday morning to do the 7 miles that was on the docket for the night before, but oh boy were my legs spent. I decided pretty quickly to do 5 and push my 7 off for another day.

Friday – 7 miles, 8:34 avg

This run was not easy. I got up early and hit the treadmill since it was raining pretty steadily. I played around with pace a lot, slowing down and then speeding up. So, it probably came out to about a 8:34 avg (one downside of treadmill running–I don’t know my overall average).

Sunday – 20 miles, 8:40avg

This run was tough. And I mean tough. I knew half a block from the house that it was not going to be easy. My legs were fatigued and felt extremely heavy. Not a good sign when you have 20 miles to run. I had originally planned to do a 2 mile warm up, 7 miles @ MGP, 2 mile rest, 7 miles @ MGP and a 2 mile cool down. About 3 miles into my first set of MGP miles, I knew that just wasn’t in the cards. So, I decided to just get the miles down.


This was a struggle: both physically, but also mentally. I really wanted to just quit and then had to tell myself to cut it out and focus. There was a bit more walking then I typically like for a long run, but my legs were spent. It was a beautiful day at least! Not a cloud in the sky and the mountains were all white and snowy from the rain we had the last few days.

Total miles:  47

I ran too hard this week. Looking at my paces, I didn’t give myself a recovery run. Even on the treadmill when I would lower the speed, I’d feel bad about that, saying I would never run that slow outside and I’d bump it back up. I’m terrible about making myself run a slow pace to recover. I should take advantage of the treadmill–of having the ability to set a specific pace–and let myself run slowly and recover! I hate going into my long run feeling tired. It makes for a looooooooong time out on the road alone.

Going into this next week I’m torn. I want to give it my all since it’s the last week before taper begins and the last opportunity I have to really push myself until the race. On the other hand, I don’t want to push too hard and show up on the 28th not rested enough. I’m giving myself a full two weeks to taper, so maybe that shouldn’t really be a concern. I think I’ll listen to myself more this week. Run slower if I need to run slower, and even cut back on mileage if I need to.

How was your long run this weekend? How far did you go out for?


2 thoughts on “Training Log 1.26.15-2.1.15

  1. Recovery days can be really important! Like all things running related, what works for each person is different, but for me taking recovery days seriously has been part of my breakthrough in training this cycle. It’s hard to do and it’s annoying… it screws up your average paces on Garmin (or whatever you use) and sometimes I get embarrassed to pass other runners when I’m cruising along at my ultra-slow recovery pace. But it’s working, so…


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