Friday Things

Happy Friday! I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday, excited to have only more day of work, only to remember it was Thursday and I still had to get through Friday and Saturday. Womp Womp.


But, at least today is Friday right? Alright, let’s get to the things of the week.

1. I love having my own treadmill. I generally do what I can to avoid the treadmill. It’s boring, and makes every run feel ten times longer, but man, the convenience of having it in the next room can’t be beat. I’ve used it twice this week: 7 miles on Wednesday night after work, and 7 more early this morning. It’s pouring down rain this morning, so I opted to stay warm and dry.


2. The Sedona Marathon Expo was being set up yesterday where I work. I had to walk through it a few times and I wanted to race so badly! I was going to run the 10k or half as a part of my training, but it just didn’t work out. My 20 miler is this weekend and I have to work Saturday (womp womppp). It made me so excited for my marathon though. I’m itching to race again!

3. Speaking of my 20 miler, I’m going to bust it out on Sunday morning before we head over to my friend’s Super Bowl party. I’m going to eat all of the food.

4. I casually commented to Jeff last night that I had never had a banana split, which turned into an immediate field trip to Dairy Queen.


The verdict: Not for me. I do not regret not having one for the past 26 years and I’m a ok not having another one for the next 26.

5. I rarely run with Rudy since he can be so spastic and out there. I took him for three easy miles with me on Wednesday before finishing off on the treadmill and I was so impressed with how good he did. He loved every bit of it! As soon as training is over, I think I’ll take him out for more runs with me.

unnamed (4)

Ok, that’s all folks! I’m late for work now. Have stellar weekends and a Happy Friday! See you Monday.


7 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Yeaaa banana splits aren’t for me either. I think I just don’t like the syrup stuff. I like the banana in it though. And awee that’s how I feel about any race I know is going on and I can’t participate. There is 2 good and cheap races going on this weekend here, and I’m injured and work both days :/

    Have a great weekend 🙂


  2. I am with you on the “eating everything in sight” on that 20 miler!! Mine is next week. I already feel obligated to enjoy a yummy chocolate treat in celebration of that accomplishment. Good luck on your run!


    • I don’t really like whipped cream either! If it had just been vanilla and chocolate sauce I’d have been on board! 😉
      So cool you’re doing Phoenix too! Good luck to you too! Hope the rest of your training goes well.


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