Training Log 1.19.15-1.25.15

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was nice and relaxing! I’m going to sit here and enjoy the crap out of my Monday off. Last week was a rollercoaster for me–so much life happenings. It was one of those weeks that I just didn’t have it in me to do much of anything. Luckily, it was a scheduled rest week, so it worked out pretty well.

Monday – Rest

I was absolutely exhausted after my 18 miler, so I rested like a champion on Monday. I took Rudy for a walk, but other than that I didn’t do much at all.

Tuesday – Rest

I didn’t mean for this to be a rest day, but after Jeff’s escapade and our trip to the ER, I didn’t have it in me to get up early on Tuesday and run. Then, other life related things happened and I just came home after work and crashed. So, oh well.

Wednesday 5 snowy miles, 8:31 avg

I woke up to snow. Again. Not much though and I needed the run, so I bundled up and set out. I decided to try a new route since I was closing the gallery that night, so the sun was up! Which was a nice change.


It was beautiful and calm and quiet. It was great.

Thursday – 6 treadmill miles + Post run exercises, 8:13 avg

It was like 18* when my alarm went off on Thursday morning and the wind was blowing at 35 mph, so, I hit the treadmill instead. 6 miles at 1% incline and then did some Post-run exercises (stolen from The Hungry Runner Girl).


It was a good workout.

Friday – 3 miles in Sedona, 7:58 avg

Thursday night I went to a concert with my girlfriends, so I slept in Friday morning. Plus, I’m kind of loving running in Sedona lately. The route is so freaking pretty. I just wanted to run an easy short run since I had plans with the man friend.

Saturday – 4 morning miles, 8:33 avg

Nothing too spectacular. It wasn’t terribly cold which was nice, so I just set out for another easy run. I kind of love rest weeks if only because I can just go out and run for the hell of it. It’s a nice mental break.

Sunday – 8 miles, 8:09 avg

I headed out for my run a lot later than I normally would have–around 2 pm. Jeff and I headed to Sears to check out their treadmill selection. Jeff’s mom generously offered to send me their treadmill, but since shipping was ridiculous, she offered to chip in to buy our own!


I am so super pumped! So, we got home with our purchases, and I headed out for my run. It was a beautiful day, so despite the shiny new treadmill at home, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to hit the trails.


I was originally going to run around 12 miles, but I just wasn’t really feeling it. So, I ran an easy 8 miles because, rest week. ( I love that caveat! )

Total miles: 26

Overall, I think this week fell when I needed it most. Mentally, I needed a break before I start the next two weeks. Two more weeks of high mileage and long runs and then I start to taper! I cannot believe the Phoenix Marathon is only 4 weeks away. Where has the time gone!?

How was your weekend? How long was your long run this week?


3 thoughts on “Training Log 1.19.15-1.25.15

  1. Congratulations on the treadmill! I bet you’ll find it’s not as “dreaded” as it seems… especially when Mother Nature is mean 🙂


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