Training Log 1.5.15-1.11.15

I gambled quite a bit this week. Late last week, my heel started to hurt again–much the way it did after finishing UVM in June (when I took six weeks off to heal…). I knew a big portion of that was because I was wearing crappy shoes at work. We’re short staffed currently, so I’m spending a lot more time on the sales floor than I would normally, which means I’m on my feet a lot more. The heat was broken in the gallery for a bit and it was in the 30s during the day. I would be wearing my pea coat while on the floor, and my ugg boots (which I normally reserve for driving in only). Guess what has no foot support? Uggs. You know what else has crappy foot supprt? My boots. So, I ended up cutting my long run short last week (was going to do 10-12 and I managed 8) because my foot was hurting. I came home, and immediately ordered a pair of Dansko’s. I’ve only been wearing them for a week, but they have worked miracles.

I also need to get myself a new pair of running shoes. It’s definitely time. Neither of the running stores in Flag or Sedona carry the shoe I want in the size I need, so I’m hoping to get them later this week after I order them online somewhere.

All that to say, I ran according to plan this week, despite the foot pain. Some runs my heel ached, but I figured if it got worse, I’d stop, but otherwise I should keep going…and…it feels fine. It hurts if I’m in crap shoes for a while, but that just may be something I have to accept. If I want to run the way I want to run, I gots to take care of my feet and stop spending 9 hour work days in shitty shoes.

Seems obvious, no?


This is also obvious. You get it.

Monday – Rest

I was a weee bit hungover on Monday–we had gone out the night previous, and I drank more beer than I was anticipating. I took Rudy for a walk, and then spent the rest of the day on the couch watching Friends, before going to my girlfriend’s place to watch The Bachelor. Very productive.

Tuesday – 5 mile Tempo, 7:59 avg

It was 16* when I set out Tuesday morning, so I knew a real speed session wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I set out to do some tempo miles.

Times were: 8:12, 7:42, 7:39, 7:45, 7:35.

It was a heck of an effort, so I’ll take it.

Wednesday – 8 miles, 8:24 avg

I like to  have a mid-week run that’s half the distance I’ll be running for my long run that week. So, Wednesday I set out for 8 early miles. I didn’t run too hard, or too easy, I tried to keep myself moving comfortably. The last two miles, the temperature dropped (I think it is so bizarre the temp drops a few degrees before the sun comes up) and I got reaaaal cold. The rest of the run I was pretty comfortable, but those last two my face and hands froze.

Thursday – 4 miles, 7:34 avg

I chose to run after work in Sedona because the high was in the 60s and that sounded SO much better than another 20 degree run in the dark. I did some rolling hills, and tried to run hard and fast.

Sedona elevation

I ran hard on the inclines and then tried to bomb on the declines.

Splits: 7:27, 7:35, 7:56, 7:05

I was really shooting for a sub-7 on that last mile, but the small bit of incline at the beginning of the mile got the better of me. Anyway, I am super happy with those splits.


Friday – 6 miles, 8:49 avg

You know how when your alarm goes off and you’re sooooo tired, but you force yourself up, get dressed, get outside and once you start running you wake up a bit? That did not happen for me on Friday. If it was possible to run and be asleep, I would have managed it. I kept the pace easy since I was recovering anyway and tried to just keep moving.

Saturday – Abs & Arms

I slept in on Saturday morning, went to work, came home, made dinner, ate and then was like “Oh yeah. I have to do a strength workout today.” So, I did some really casual arm and ab work while watching Friends. It definitely wasn’t a great strength workout, but hey. I tried.

Sunday – 16 miles, 8:28 avg

This run was tough. I set out early because we were supposed to have freezing rain all day on Sunday, and I didn’t want to run in that. It was cold– the temps hovered around 30* for the duration, but luckily, no wind. I took to Lake Mary Rd again, which is a training area frequented by many runners and cyclists in the area. It’s pretty, has a wide shoulder, and has some solid rolling hills throughout.

Lake mary elevation

I tried to keep the pace pretty steady, hovering around 8:25s-8:30s, with some faster MGP miles every so often. Then, I picked up the pace for my last two, coming in fast with 8:19 and 7:55.


Total miles: 39

I thought about running a mile on Saturday to make it an even 40 for the week, but then I forgot. And, honestly, I’m ok with 39. Especially with how last week played out, and the way I want the next few weeks to go. It’s hard to believe I really only have 3 weeks of hard running left. Yikes!

Overall, this week was better than last in every way possible. I’m still pretty exhausted–but, that may just be how it is until after the race, and that’s ok. I’m feeling really good about how my training is going overall. And that’s what’s important.


One thought on “Training Log 1.5.15-1.11.15

  1. Good week.! That 5 mile tempo is super good.! It looks like we run a lot of the same paces, but I don’t think I could manage that.! Yikes. I need to step it up. I’ve overslept so much lately :/ therefore missing my run


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