While I Run: Podcasts

When I first started running, I was all about listening to music. I absolutely hated hearing myself breathe heavily, so I’d pump up my tunes and run. I listened to music all the way through training for my first two marathons. I would meticulously make my race day playlist and pick all the songs to hit at certain miles–you know the drill. It got to a point, though, where I just got bored. The music was the same…I’d train with the same playlists, then race with the same playlists and I would start to tune it all out. And there’s nothing worse then being at mile 20 and focusing on nothing but the pain.

When I ran the Fiesta Bowl last month, I tried listening to music for the first time in over a year. I ended up taking my headphones out around mile 10 because I was so annoyed with the music. It was driving me nuts.

I started listening to podcasts about a year ago. I was working a very dull job where I would do menial tasks all day long. Music started to get old, so I looked into podcasts for the first time. Then, marathon training started, and I thought I’d give listening to them on my long runs a try. And I loved it! It was something to focus on during my long run, and it was entertaining! During the Utah Valley Marathon, it was a great distraction towards the end of the race and harder to tune out than music was.

I don’t typically listen to anything on my runs during the week (unless I’m stuck on a dreadmill). I’ve grown to really enjoy the time out from the all the noise, but I do still need some stimulation during my long runs. So, here are a list of my favorite podcasts. I’m always on the lookout for new ones to add to my rotation, but these are my go-to’s.

Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me: Weekly (Saturdays), 60 min.

A game show–NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” quizzes contestants on the week’s news headlines. The show has a rotating cast of panelists, a celebrity guest, and listeners call in to play various games. Since I’m not awesome at being on top of the news, this is a good way for me to get the gist of the week’s happenings. Plus, its always funny.

Stuff You Missed In History Class: Bi-weekly (Mondays and Wendesdays), 30-35min

The history nerd in me loves this podcast. The hosts, Holly and Tracy, look at a specific historical event for each episode that aren’t typically discussed in a mainstream history class. I don’t love the current hosts, but they have picked some really awesome topics. Past episodes are available on iTunes, as well as the website, and you can even search by topic/time period. If you’re at all interested in history, give it a try!

Stuff You Should Know: Bi-weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays), Anywhere between 30-60min.

Brought to you by the same parent company as Missed in History, Stuff You Should Know covers a huge array of topics. The hosts, Josh and Chuck, absolutely make the show with their banter. I used their archives the most during my last training cycle and marathon. Old shows are also available on iTunes and the website. They talk about interesting and relevant topics, and I’m always laughing.

NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour: Released weekly (Fridays), 60 min.

This show is just so fun to listen to. Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon and Stephen Thompson are the regulars, with a rotating fourth host. They talk about new releases in movies, books, and music. It’s fun.

Sawbones: Released weekly (Tuesdays), 40-45min.

Married couple, Sydnee and Justin talk medical history in this podcast. They pick a topic, like Organ Transplants, and then give us a history of all the mistakes made before finding our modern technique to cure the disease. It can be kind of gross at times (unless you love that kind of stuff), but Justin is great about providing comedic relief.

Serial: It’s over, I know. But I’m anxiously awaiting season 2. Also, if you haven’t jumped on the Serial bandwagon, you need to get with the times homie.

Totally Married: Release weekly (Mondays), 60 min

Hosts, Elizabeth and Andy, are a married couple that talk very candidly about their lives, relationship, and new parenthood. They also offer unqualified advice to writer-inners (their term) asking about relationships, friendships, etc. It’s a great show, even if you’re not in a relationship, as it discusses how to handle friendships, work relationships and other difficult social situations. Also, it is very funny. There’s been more then one instance where I’ve had to stop running because I’m laughing too hard.

They also have another podcast, Totally Laime, where a guest from the comedic world join them and shoot the shit. It’s actually in it’s last few episodes, which is sad since I just started listening, but, I believe the episodes will still be available.

And there you have it! My favorites. Try em out, I hope you enjoy them!

Do you have any favorite podcasts that you recommend?


6 thoughts on “While I Run: Podcasts

  1. Ah thanks.! I love podcasts and definitely needed some more recommendations. . I used to never listen to music while I ran, but last year I started to listen to music and podcasts. It’s been a nice change 🙂


  2. I love podcasts! I don’t listen to many, but Wait Wait is on my list, as is Science Friday. I’ve now added Pop Culture Happy Hour and Totally Married to my list to check out. Thanks!


  3. I love running to podcasts! Im obsessed with serial, cant wait for the second season. I love ted talks, this american life, freakonomics, and if you like motivational stuff – school of greatness!


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