Training Log 12.30.14-1.4.15 aka Nona and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

I’m going to be honest, this was not my week. I hinted to it on Friday, but I reached a really low point in training this week.

(Feel free to skip this part. It may be kind of whiny, but hell. It’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to. [Can I get any more pop culture references into this post?himym])

Honestly, the weather is really getting to me. The 5am wake-up calls and single digit weather is really messing with my head. This week I woke up at 5am on Wednesday to get my last run for 2014 in. It was 13* “feels like 8”. There was 3 inches of snow on the ground, over ice. My progression run turned into survival mode: bundle up like the Ice Age is here, try not to slip and fall, and just get a decent amount of mileage in. Friday was even colder. Again, my mileage plans changed because it was too cold to be out for so long, and the icy conditions really affected my pace. Also, I could barely move because of all the layers.


I suddenly became overwhelmed with the feeling that I was going to end up spending the next six weeks doing no speed training and having my mileage suffer because it’s so goddamn cold and icy. Then, I’d get to Phoenix and have NO way of qualifying because I was undertrained. And then I cried.

Here’s the rub: I knew training through the winter would be tough, and I haven’t put one foot on a treadmill so far (but I think that’s coming to an end, quick), but I don’t have any time to run other than in the morning. 3 out of 5 days of my work week, I open the gallery. That means I need to be in Sedona (a good 40 mins away) by 8:30. Once I’m at the gallery, I’m there until my shift is over. I get no lunch break, so a runch is not a possibility. I get off work usually between 5 and 5:15, but I can be there as late as 5:30. I then have a 40 min drive to get home. The days I open are the only days I get to be home early enough to have dinner with Jeff, and that’s not something I am willing to give up. As it stands, we only get that opportunity a few nights a week, since the nights I close I’m not home until after 8 pm. One thing I do not want to do is let training completely take over my life. Spending time with my boyfriend is very important. Full stop. That means morning runs are my only option.

Here’s the other problem. I have no ready access to a treadmill. I have no gym membership and the only gym that opens at 5am in town has an ABSURD guest rate. Sorry, but I’m not going to give you my arm so that I can run on your treadmill. The gym that has one that I’m willing to pay (a whopping $5) opens at six. I need to be showered, fed and ready to head to work by 7:50. And that’s only if road conditions are good. Days during or after snow, it can take up to an hour.  If I have an 9 mile run to do, that doesn’t give me enough time. So, here’s what I’ve decided: on the days that it’s too cold to run outside, I’ll bring all my stuff and get ready at the gym and head to work directly from there.

It’s not ideal, but if it will help me feel better toeing the start line at Phoenix, then that’s what I’ll do. I knew training through the winter would be hard, but MAN, is it hard! This week really made me feel awful. I struggled mentally, and EVERYTHING made me want to burst into tears.


But, it’s a new week and with my treadmill plan made, I’m going to move forward and make the most out of the next 6 weeks of training.

So anyway! Now that that’s out of the way, I guess let’s get to how the week was in miles.

Tuesday – 30 min Yoga + 15 min abs

Yoga! I did yoga! And it was the best workout of the week. It felt great and I felt great after.

Wednesday – 4.5 miles, 8:33 avg

I wanted to do six miles, but the weather and snow made me cut it short. But, it was a nice way to say goodbye to 2014 with a run.


Thursday – NTC strength workout

I desperately wanted to run on Thursday, but the morning was too cold and there was a foot of snow on the ground. I was going to run after work in Sedona, but I wasn’t able to get out until close to 5:30 and I just wanted to get home. So, I did a strength workout instead!

Friday – 4 miles, 8:45 avg

I just couldn’t get myself moving. It was cold, the streets were icy and my legs just wouldn’t turn over.

Saturday – 5 miles in Sedona, 8:15 avg


This was fun. I really needed this run. I took to the trails which were icy, snowy, and muddy, but it was just so fun to be out there. And, it wasn’t freezing cold, which was really nice.

Sunday – 8.5 miles, 8:17 avg

I wanted to do 10 miles, but my foot started to hurt. Since I was just doing an easy run today anyway, I decided to cut it short instead of risking making it worse. I spent the rest of the day off it (as much as possible) and icing.


Total Miles: 22 miles

I wish my first week in 2015 had gone better, but I have 51 more to make up for it. Here’s to the end of one bad week, and the beginning of a much better one!


6 thoughts on “Training Log 12.30.14-1.4.15 aka Nona and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

  1. Awe. Everyone has those weeks. You go into the week with the best intentions.. but it just doesn’t work out. And you know what I’ve realized, running does take a lot of sacrafices, but I’m sure you know, they’re worth it 🙂


  2. Everyone has a bad week! I admire your determination. Its amazing the things we give up to get a good run in, but somehow nothing else in the world feels better than running. You can do it! I think after seeing all that snow I will stop fussing so much about feels like 20F weather 🙂


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