Friday Things

Happy Friday! This has been a rough week for me, emotionally and mentally. I’ll talk more about it on Monday during my weekly recap, but I’m definitely in a “low” of my training. I burst into tears more than once last night for no real reason and then this morning, I got stuck in snow on our driveway and almost burst into tears again. I’m exhausted and that for sure is adding to it all, but boy. It’s been a rough week for sure.

Anyway, let’s think happy thoughts and focus on the positives from the week!

1. I didn’t have a chance to run yesterday, so instead I entered the lottery to run Northern Arizona Trail Running Association’s Soulstice Race this fall. The lottery pick takes place in April, so I’ve got a while to wait, but this race would be great to run. It’s local, 11 miles (new distance!), and a trail race. It’d knock out a few goals in one swoop.


2. On NYE we got dumped on! We got about a foot of snow, so I ended up leaving work early so I could get back home safely. Which was actually a nice treat once I got home and relaxed after my incredibly stressful drive. We stayed in, drank champagne, watched tv and cozied up by the fire. It was a wonderful way to bring in the new year with my boys.
NYE Neighbors tree

3. My parents got me all new cookware for Christmas! You know you’re an adult when that excites you. I finally got around to unpacking and washing it all this week!

4. I started “Into Thin Air” after Christmas and it is so good. I’m about halfway through and absolutely fascinated. Everest scares the begeezus out of me. I keep thinking about my experience climbing Mt. Whitney and it’s laughable how I thought that was hard and terrifying. The base of Everest is 5,000 feet higher than the peak of Whitney. It’s blowing my mind man.

5. Phoenix is 8 weeks away and I’m starting to freak out a little. Oy.

Happy weekend! I hope it’s a wonderful first weekend of the year!

What fun are you up to this weekend? How far are you running?


3 thoughts on “Friday Things

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