December 2014: In Review

Happy 2015! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Jeff and I stayed up until midnight, but BOY was that a struggle for me. I immediately crashed and my 6am alarm came waaaaaay too soon. I’m hoping to squeeze in a run later today after work, but we’ll see how the weather plays out. It’s bad out there! We got over a foot in snow yesterday!

Anywho, let’s take a look at the glory that was December.


Let’s take a look at how December played out:

Total Miles:  136

Up by 34 from November! Not too shabby. My mileage is increasing more and more, and so far, I’m staying pretty on top of it. I feel good and am excited to keep pushing.

Total Days Run: 20

Also up from November! I’ve started incorporating 5 days weeks again instead of 4. I was curious as to how with the job and commute I’d handle it, but I haven’t noticed a difference in how I feel on my runs. I’m pretty comfortable handling five day weeks right now, so I’m going to keep at it.

Total Strength Days: 5

This is actually a lot higher than I thought it would be. I really feel like I’ve slacked off lately on my strength training–which I feel when I actually do a strength workout.

Rest Days: 5

Extra day for Christmas this month 🙂

Goals from November:

PR at the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon. Ehhhhhhh. Maybe?

Continue to listen to my body as mileage continues to increase. Check. And my body is feelin goooooood

FOAM ROLL MORE. Eeeeesh. Negative. I am always like “Oh. I should foam roll right now” and then oops I don’t. I am very, very bad about rolling.

Reintroduce yoga and stretching. Whoops. Another fail. I did yoga on Monday!….First time all month. But better than none at all right!?

Be better at meal planning/eating dinner. No more cereal for dinner. Yes! It’s also helped that my schedule has really solidified this past month, but this has definitely occurred. We’ve had some solid dinners and leftovers for dinners. No cereal has been had. (I actually had some the other day as a snack and it was super stale. So, there’s your proof.)

Goals for January:

  • Foam roller. And yoga. Seriously though.
  • More speedwork. One solid speed dedicated workout per week, plus some extra fun running at MGP on my mid-range mid-week miles and long run miles. Gotta start getting the body used to running at that pace for a long time!
  • Be a better planner. The past week or so, when it’s been so cold out, I’ve been trying to figure out how to run. I’ve toughed it out a few times, but I’ve also run after work, and while that’s okaaaaay (not ideal since it gets me home even later), I haven’t gone very long distances since it gets dark (and I forget my headlamp), and I don’t know any running routes in Sedona so I just kind of run in a straight line for a while and then turn around and run back (boring). [Today is a great example…I plan on running after work about 8 or so miles, and I would like to figure out a route that won’t be on the main streets.] So, time to step up my game.
  • Keep working on fuel. I think I may have found a great source of fuel, but I’m still playing around with it. Update on that to come.
  • Stay healthy! Phoenix is so soon!

One thought on “December 2014: In Review

  1. Cereal for dinner is amazing.! Why not.? Lol. And yea I didn’t make it till midnight. I was too tired. Ha. Good job on your running month 🙂


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