Farewell, 2014

Happy New Year’s Eve, Eve! It seems most bloggers are reflecting on the year behind them and goals that were met/not met, but since I started this little blog of mine a mere three months ago, I don’t really have anything to go on…Instead, I’ll pick up on the other part of the year-end tradition… Goals for the next year.

Boston. Are you sick of hearing this yet? If for some reason, Phoenix doesn’t happen for me, I’ll have plenty of time to find another race before September and give it another whirl. I am confident, however, I’ll be toeing that start line in 2016.

Race more and have fun with it. I only ran two races in 2014. And they were both serious. This year, I’d like to race more and just have fun with it. I love to race and to be out in the crowd, but not every race needs to be a goal race. Flagstaff has great local races in the summer time, and Phoenix has TONS of races. So, I’d like to toe more start lines this year.

Race a distance that’s new to me. This won’t be hard. I’ve raced the marathon, the half marathon and ONE 5k. There are loads of opportunities to race something new. I’d like to try a 10k and a 15k specifically, which shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Try a trail race. I’ve only raced on roads, and I live in a trail running Mecca. I spend a lot of time on trails, and I’d like to try a race on one this year.

Listen to my body. I usually go through phases of high mileage when I’m training, and then next to nothing when I’m not. Instead of falling back into that pattern this year, I’d like to maintain a good amount of base mileage, even if I’m not training for anything. In order to do this, I’ll need to really listen to my body and make sure I’m taking care of myself.

5 minute plank. This is really a reminder that I need to be less lazy with ab work. I’m terrible at planks and never last long, so this is a goal to continue to improve that.

I think that about wraps up the running-related goals for the next year. Goodbye 2014. 2015, let’s hit it!


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