Training Log 12.22.14-12.29.14


I feel like I haven’t written anything on here in agggessss. And I missed it! Considering I’ve only been doing this for a few months, it’s surprising how quickly I’ve grown to love writing in this space and meeting all of you through it!

Anyway. Sorry this is coming so late in the day today. I took Monday-Thursday off work this week, but that meant working Friday-Sunday. I opted to run my long run today because of this, so this week’s training is eight days…but getting up at 4:30am to run 14 miles in single-digit weather just did NOT sound fun to me. So, Monday long run it was! Let’s jump to it:

Monday – 2 mile walk with Mom, Rudy and Moe

The morning was spent cleaning the house and getting ready for my parents and Moe to come visit! Once they got here, my mom and I went to the grocery store for an epic shopping expedition, and then went on a trail near our house with our four legged boys.

Tuesday – Hill Circuit, 5 miles total, 7:38 avg

I had a doctor’s appointment on the far side of town Tuesday morning, so I took the opportunity to run at Buffalo Park. It was SUPER windy, so I scrapped my original plan to do a ladder workout and took to the hills instead which would give me some shelter.


The views don’t suck.

Miles broke down as follows: 8:29 warm up, 6:58, 7:28, 6:53, 8:30 cool down. Basically, the circuit I did is a mix between running hard on downhills (great training for Phoenix), resting as you circle around and then running hard back up the hills. It was a GREAT workout, and I’m really stoked about those mile splits.

Wednesday – 5 miles, 8:05 avg

Christmas Eve! I wanted an easier run, so I went out for a quick 5 miles.

Thursday – Rest

Unless you count lifting this ginormous bottle of champagne.

unnamed (3)

I wanted to enjoy Christmas with my folks and manfriend, so I spent the day eating, drinking and playing games and not worrying about splits or mileage. It was nice.

Friday – 7 miles, 8:18 avg



I  had to be back at work on Friday, which meant getting up at 5 to run. It snowed Christmas day, so the streets were icy as fuh and it was so cold! I had so many layers on. Four shirts + my jacket, the ninja mask, 2 pairs of leggings and wool socks. It was no joke. I wanted to do a progression run, but with the streets the way they were, I decided to just get the miles done in survival mode. Considering, my pace wasn’t that bad.

Saturday – 4 miles, 7:53 avg

It was six degrees when my alarm went off on Saturday, so I decided to run after work instead. And I just kind of booked it.


Thanks for the pretty sunset Sedona!

Sunday – Strength– 30 min NTC workout + abs

Nothing too exciting.

Monday – 14 miles, 8:26 avg

This run was really quite fun. I started out around 11 this morning so I could give the town some time to warm up. I listened to podcasts and just kind of zoned out. At mile 7, I went to turn around and head home and WHAM! I got hit by a wall of wind. I struggled with it for about a mile, saw how slow my pace had gotten and got really discouraged. I called Jeff and asked if he would mind coming to pick me up if I just continued my 14 miles down the road. He said yes, so I turned my back to the wind and just kept going.


I ran past Lake Mary which was all frozen, and it was just such a nice run. Especially since the wind was to my back instead of beating me in the face. I called Jeff when I was at about mile 11.5 and he caught up to me when I had about half a mile left. It was perfect.

Total miles:  35

I feel pretty good about this week. Good amount of mileage and I felt great during my long run! We’re supposed to get a pretty serious snow storm this week, so we’ll see how that affects the week. Or, I’ll just suck it up and get out there and run anyway.


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