Training Log 12.15.14-12.21.14

Happy Monday, and Merry Christmas week! I am going to enjoy the crap out of the next four days off work, and take the opportunity to get back to training hard. I took this week kind of easy, since my legs were a tad more sore than I thought after last week’s race. But, I’m ready to start upping my mileage again and incorporate more speedwork.

Monday – Rest

I had no desire to do anything after the race. So, I spent the day with the manfriend and it was wonderful.

Tuesday – 3 miles (8:30 avg)

My legs were sooo much more sore then I was expecting them to be. It really surprised me, so I took it uber easy and kept it short.

Wednesday – NTC Ab and Butt workout, 30 min

Strength day. I thought about running also, but decided if I wanted to step it back into high gear, I should probably let myself recover a bit more. So, leg and ab day it was.

Thursday – 5 miles, 8:30 pace

We got snow earlier in the week, so the streets were rather icy Thursday morning. I felt pretty good overall, but kept the pace easier, mainly so I wouldn’t biff it on a patch of ice (black ice is hard to see at 5am).


Side note: I finally got my running jacket. It’s the Hangfire Pro Hooded Jacket from Eddie Bauer and I’m completely obsessed. It’s the running jacket of my dreams. I’m going to run in it a few more times and then possibly do a review–mainly so I can talk more about it because I’m a wee bit obsessed.

Friday – 3 miles (8:17 avg)

My alarm went off at 5am, I checked my trusty weather app per usual and guess what I saw staring back at me?


Wooooooooo boy. That was not my most favorite run ever. I didn’t last long–obviously. I had NO idea how to dress for it, so I was a wee underdressed. I’ll need a few more layers before I do that again.

Saturday – 3 miles (8:07 avg) + abs and arm workout

My alarm went off on Saturday and I just couldn’t do it. Saturdays are hard for me to find motivation. It’s my last day of my work week, so, I’m usually wiped, and it kind of sucks hard to be getting up at 5am on Saturday to run before I go to work. So, I slept in a bit, did a quick, easy strength workout and brought my running clothes down to Sedona with me with plans to run after I got off. I ended up working a 9 hour day, and there was an event in town, andI really didn’t want to run around all that traffic. So, I headed back up the mountain.

My drive home took about 45 minutes and when I finally made it home, all I wanted to do was eat and relax. But, I changed, put on my running shoes, asked Jeff to order some chinese for dinner and got my 3 miles in.


It was a wee bit icy, but for the most part, really fun. I looked at Christmas lights and my legs felt really good. I only did a quick 3 since it was already pretty late, but I’m super happy I got myself out there, despite all the excuses I could have used to skip it.

Saturday – 9 miles (8:04 avg)

As part of the next few weeks of training, I want to try to get comfortable running at MGP (~8 min/miles) during my long runs, so on my run yesterday, I warmed up, then ran MGP for 7 miles, and then did a cool down mile. It definitely got difficult to maintain towards the end, but overall, it felt pretty good.


Some parts of the trail were still snowy, others were CRAZY muddy. At one point I was sliding all over the place and my feet shoes had about four inches of mud caked on them. It kept things interesting.

Total miles: 23

Not bad for taking it easy after the race. I’m ready to kick it up a notch this week!

What are your plans for this week? Training hard, or taking it easy to enjoy the holiday? How do you squeeze in training into your travel plans?


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