Friday Things

Hello! Happy Friday!

I meant to write more this week, but time got away from me. Plus, I’m still working my way through my new game plan for training, which I plan on sharing here soon. For now, I’m here with a Friday Thing update!

1. I desperately want to talk Serial. BUT, Jeff hasn’t listened yet and I just downloaded the whole series for my parents to listen to while they drive to and fro from my brother’s place. Because of this, I shall refrain. However, I will just say, that on the whole, I’m really disappointed I don’t know more about Hei and her relationships. Not just with Adnan and Don, but with her friends, and most importantly with Jay. I feel like that was a serious stone left unturned. Despite this, I will feel a void on Thursday mornings now that it’s over and I cannot wait until Season 2.

2. Jeff’s work schedule rotates every month, and Monday was the beginning of his month with Mondays off! Which means we get an actual 2 day weekend together! It’s the best. On Sunday I was absolutely wiped from the race, so I ended up crashing real early (read: 9pm), so on Monday we slept in, went out for breakfast and then finally saw “Mockingjay”. It was a wonderful.


3. On Wednesday my work place had it’s holiday party and this is the photo my boss got of Jeff and me.


All class, all the time.

4. We finally got some snow! It snowed off and on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not much, but enough to make my drive to work awful pretty. The only downside is that it was 12* when I went running this morning. That ish is cold.


Yes, I took this while driving. Sorry bout it.

5. All I have to do is get through work today and tomorrow and I’m off for five glorious days! I am SO thankful that I was able to get some time off to spend with my parental units. All I want to do is eat, drink, bake, run and watch Christmas movies. It’s going to be splendid!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. I’ve heard so many people talking about this Serial podcast! What is it about? I feel like I am so behind the times.

    I am guilty of taking pictures while driving too. Sometimes you just gotta get the shot. In your case, it was worth it – so pretty!

    Enjoy your five days of relaxing and Christmas movies!


    • Oh my gosh, you have to listen to it! It’s a 12-part series looking into a murder case that happened in 1999. The ex-boyfriend of the victim was convicted for her murder, but he’s maintained his innocence, so it looks into the state’s case against him and other aspects of the crime and investigation. I highly recommend it! And if you need someone to talk about it with after the fact, I would be more then happy to help! 🙂 haha


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