Training Log 12.8.14-12.14.14

Happy Monday!

What a week! I tried to take it easy before the race (more details to come on that…race recap should be up tomorrow!…ish) and run quality miles instead of a ton of miles. I also tried to get in a few good workouts, which, in hindsight may not have been my best of ideas the week of a race. But, it was a solid week of training, and thats what this is all about!

Let’s hop to it!

Monday – Rest

I took Rudy for a walk, cleaned the house, did laundry, etc. Not overly exciting. I had plans to do yoga and never actually did it…whoops.

Tuesday – 5x hill repeats, 3 miles total

I didn’t want to do a long workout, but I wanted to do a solid workout. So, I decided to do some hills. Splits were:

  • 0:47
  • 0:47
  • 0:49
  • 0:49
  • 0:51

Woo boy. This was tough! It was really foggy and kind of icy out, so running up the hill was kind of a challenge. The last time I did this workout (October 21–training journals are so helpful), I fluctuated mainly between 0:51 and 0:52 seconds. I’m happy to see there’s improvement!

Wednesday – NTC Total Body Workout (30 min)

Again, this killed me. And my hamstrings were sore for daaaaaays. Like, by Saturday I was starting to feel better. After I did it, I thought to myself “Oh, that was probably not the best to do a few days before a big race…”


Thursday – 4 easy miles, (8:40ish pace)

My glutes and hamstrings were S O  S O R E . So, I just went out and tried to keep it really easy. It was cold, per usual on my early morning runs. Overall, it was a perfectly fine run.

Friday – 3 miles, (no pace)

My garmin didn’t want to sync, so I just ran three easy miles in Sedona after work.

Saturday – Rest!

I didn’t do anything in preparation for the race. Work was insanely busy, so I was on my feet a lot more then I would have liked to have been…but such is life. Also, we finally got a little bit of snow!

Sunday – Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon (Finish time: 1:42, 7:48avg)

I’ll write more about this in my race recap, but I’m not proud of this race. Garmin gave me a 7:48 avg, which is faster then my previous 7:50avg, but I don’t really know if I can call this a PR. I mean…it’s the same exact time. Anyway, I should have run this better, and I didn’t. (How’s that for a cliffhanger?)

Fiesta Finish

I’m not too sore from the race, so I hope to get in a good amount of miles this week.

I’ll be back soon with my race recap! Happy running this week!

What exciting things did you do this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Training Log 12.8.14-12.14.14

  1. Nice solid runs before a race.! I’m looking forward to reading your race recap 🙂

    The most exciting thing I did this weekend was watch the grinch with my family 🙂


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