Friday Things

Guten Tag, friends!

Has this week felt like a million years long to anyone else? I don’t know what it is, but I’m all screwy and off this week. I feel like it should be Saturday, but no. It’s Friday. For the rest of the world, that’s awesome–for me, it means I have two more days of work! Blah. But, besides the looooooong week, it’s been a really good one!

1. My Black Friday and Cyber Monday swag is finally coming in! sephora goods

I got around to buying some makeup that’s been in my Sephora basket for ages…and got a sweet free bag of goodies. And my Oiselle gear should be here today.The samples I got in the gift bag aren’t stellar, but I got a free bag, so, whatever. Now if only I could get a move on with my Christmas shopping…

2. Speaking of Christmas, I got around to putting up our decorations on Monday. Our tree is up, I bought us some stockings…it’s quite festive in our living room which makes me happy. I also took this picture of Rudy and my heart about exploded.

christmas rudy

It’s so rare to get him to look at the camera and I love that you can just see the tree peeking out.

3. We went and got drinks with friends last night to celebrate the anniversary of the end of Prohibition.

Proof that I got drinks out, at a bar.

Proof that I got a drinks out at a bar.

I stuck to the single glass of wine, as I had plans to go run this morning. Buuut that didn’t happen. I opted for an extra hour of sleep instead. And it was worth it.

4. When I was walking Rudy on Monday, I saw this trail spinoff from our usual one. So, Tuesday morning, I went to explore it on my run.

I love just stumbling upon new trails so hard.

I love just stumbling upon new trails so hard.

Turns out it was half a mile long and emptied me back onto the road. Bust.

5. I’ve never wished so hard for snow before. This week it rained and rained and rained, and honestly, I would have preferred to get some snow. It’s unusual for us to not have any snow fall yet, and at this point, if we’re going to get precipitation, I’d rather it be snow. Freezing rain is not fun to run in. But, then again, as soon as it DOES snow I’m going to be upset because I have to go run in it. Sorry winter. You cannot win with me.

I hope everyone has a stellar weekend! No set plans here (that I’m aware of anyway), just cleaning, laundry, running–the usual really exciting things.

What are your plans this weekend? Did this week drag on for you too?


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