November In Review

I cannot believe it’s December. Where in the world did 2014 go?! Not to sound cliche, but I seriously cannot even fathom that it will be 2015 in less than 30 days.

November was a busy, busy month! Lots of crazy work hours, lots of running, lots of family visits! Let’s break it down:

November Review

Total miles: 102

**Quick fix: Last month when I said I had run 148 miles…I was so, so wrong. Math is not my strong suit normally, but I have NO idea where on Earth I came up with 148 miles. I ran 82.2 miles in October. I probably should have double checked it when I thought “Huh. I expected that to be lower”. Sorry for the really embarrassingly bad math.

I definitely upped my mileage this month, and I feel pretty good! There was some fatigue towards the end of the month, but that was also due to long work hours and laziness resulting in too many cereal for dinner evenings. Overall, the mileage never felt overwhelming or too much. I may have even taken it a little too easy on myself.

Total days run : 18

I ran 19 in October, but considering November has one less day in the month, that’s probably okay. I’m really trying to decide if I want to run 5 days/week, or stick to 4. I’m kind of playing it by ear right now. I’ve done the last two weeks with 5 days–4 planned workouts, and 1 day to just kind of wing it and do whatever I feel like.

Total strength days : 6

This is also down from October. I knew I slacked on it a bit, but if I’m going to add an extra day of running, I’ll probably shoot for one good strength session a week. We’ll see.

Rest days : 4

Once a week, like clockwork. Rest is good for the soul.

NASCAR experiences : 1

One interesting one.

Thanksgivings : 3!

We were very lucky this year. Jeff’s parents were able to come spend a week and a half with us and we had a Thanksgiving with them. Then we had our annual Friendsgiving, and then Thanksgiving with my family.

Goals from October:

  • Increase mileage: Done and Done.
  • Increase intensity of speed workouts: I would say yes. A terrible 800 situation, fartleks and tempo miles to name a few.
  • Try to get at least one longer run in mid-week: I’m going to say yes-ish. I tried to run at least half of my long run distance mid-week, which is typically what I do during training. My mileage is still kind of low, so it wasn’t as noticeable as it will be when I’m running 16-22 miles on my long runs.
  • Sleep well. Eat better: I nailed half of this at least. I definitely nailed the sleeping thing. The eating well thing….well, the bowls of cereal speak for themselves.
  • Enjoy the start of the Holiday season! Done 🙂

Goals for December:

PR at the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon. Continue to listen to my body as mileage continues to increase. FOAM ROLL MORE. Reintroduce yoga and stretching. Be better at meal planning/eating dinner. No more cereal for dinner.


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