Training Log 11.17.14-11.23.14

Another week down! And it was a pretty good one. I had a great speed session and I felt strong on my long run. Only three more weeks until the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon! Yikes. Not sure how that happened.

Anyway let’s hop to it!

Monday – Rest

I had the day off work (woohoo!), completing a nice four day weekend and I took this rest day to heart. I rested like it was my job.


Pretty much.

Tuesday – Fartlek workout. 30 sec on/30 sec off x20(ish)

I did this workout for two full miles, which was a little more then 20 reps. It came out to around 22, I think. Anyway, this felt really good. I felt strong and fast. It was hard to catch my breath on the 30 secs off, but I pushed through it. The two miles ended at a 7:20 and a 7:05. With my warm up and cool down miles, the total came to 4 miles at 7:51 avg.

Wednesday – NTC Abs and Legs workout- 30 min

This is one of my go-to’s. It’s a good one.

Thursday – 5 miles, 8:19 avg

I felt like I was running on empty this whole run. It was a struggle. Then I realized that I left the house without having as much as a sip of water. No duh it felt like a struggle.

This is how I felt. Except, it was freezing cold.

This is how I felt. Except, it was freezing cold.

Friday – 5 miles, 8:18 avg

I don’t really remember much of this run. It felt mildly better than Thursday. But that doesn’t really show with the pace. Oh well.

Saturday – 10 miles, 8:45 avg

Saturday was the annual Friendsgiving with my buds and I had to work that day. I decided that I would wake up early, head down to Sedona and get my ten miles in before I had to be at work to open the gallery. It was just starting to get light out when I got down there and it was warmer than it would have been at 5am in Flag. The sun was just starting to rise when I started out.


I felt pretty good and strong through this. I started out running on a trail, but realized I was running so slow. Like, we’re talking mid-9 min/miles. Suddenly, I realized I had 40 min to finish 6 miles to allow me a bit of time before I had to be at work to clean myself up.

So, I turned around and finished on the street. Which allowed me to pick up the pace and negative split that run like a boss.

Also. Guys. Sedona is hilly!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 2.18.02 PM

Sure. It may not look like much. But, boy. My legs felt it for the rest of the day. And unfortunately, most of my work day is spent going up and down stairs. So, learned my lesson. I’ll probably save the rest of my long runs for when I can sit on the couch the rest of the day.

Sunday – Rest

I recovered Sunday from my long run….and Friendsgiving.

Happy Running this week guys!

Anyone running a fun race on Thanksgiving this year?

I wish I was! We ran a 5k last year and it was a ton of fun. No plans to run this year though. I’ll set out for a training run in the morning, but no race!


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