Training Log 11.10.14-11.16.14

This week I upped my mileage and sitting here at the end of it, I feel pretty good. Maybe a little tired and sore, but overall, pretty dang good.

Monday – Rest

I worked this past Monday and spent the better part of the afternoon lugging around heavy artwork and sculptures, so I feel like I still got a bit of a workout in, although it was technically a rest day.

Tuesday – 4x800s

I did this workout at 5 am along this straight road. As you can see, it was very dark. Also, in the lower right corner is my breath-not a ghost. It was very cold out.

I did this workout at 5 am along this road. As you can see, it was very dark. Also, in the lower right corner is my breath-not a ghost. It was also very cold.

Splits: 3:05, 3:21, 3:18, 3:11

This was all over the place. My splits had no consistency and it made me feel really out of shape. Anytime you want to see where you stand, do some 800s. I’d been feeling pretty good for the last few weeks and then this workout made me feel like Nelson was mocking me.


I did not feel in shape or good after this workout. And I felt lost during it. I haven’t done 800s in over 6 months. I didn’t know how hard to push it, or where my target times should be. But, now I have a benchmark and when I revisit the dreaded 800s in a few weeks, I’ll know what to expect.

Wednesday – 30 min NTC “Extreme Full Body Workout”

This was no joke. I was sore for days after this workout. Jeff’s parent’s were visiting and his dad asked me why I was limping. This thing is a great cross-training/strength workout.


Burpees for daaaaaays.

Thursday – 5 miles (8:23 avg)

This was kind of sluggish….My hamstrings were sore (as the limping noted above suggests) so I started off pretty slow. I felt a bit better towards the end of the run as my muscles loosened up, but I kept it slow and easy.

Friday – 4 miles (8:12 avg)

I took Friday off to hang with Jeff and his parents, so I got to hit the trails!

trail on friday

It was a grey, dreary day, but it was mid-40s and it felt so good to be on a trail again! It had been a while. My legs felt great, especially compared to Thursday, and I enjoyed the entire run.

Saturday – 2 miles. No watch, no plan.

We spent the day in Jerome playing tourist and when we got home mid-afternoon I desperately wanted to spend some time in my running shoes. I wasn’t really planning on running that day, so I went out sans watch and with no mileage plan. It was incredibly windy and chilly, so I only lasted two miles, but it was fantastic all the same.

Sunday – 9 miles (8:40 avg)

This run sucked. Like, mega suckaroo. This run would win any badge offered for major suckage. If there was a superhero of suckiness, this run would be it.

saturday run

First off, it was cold. Like, colder than I was ready for this early in the season. (Also-the gusts were a lot stronger than 8 mph. It was more like 15. My app is wrong.)


Secondly, it was a little hilly. That, coupled with the wind and the cold, did not make for a really fun run.

I’m not good with the wind. When I have to fight it, that’s what I end up focusing on. I’m never able to get into a rhythm and I’m constantly thinking “Man. This wind sucks. This wind SUCKS.” And that’s how yesterday was. I never got into any kind of rhythm, so when I hit that big hill, my mental game was already shot and I didn’t have any kind of momentum to get up the hill. By mile 1.2  I was trying to figure out how to justify going back to the car.

I climbed the hill (sloooooowly) and then took this photo.

saturday mesa run

And I realized that even though it was butt-freaking cold and windy and hilly, it was friggen beautiful. I finished my 9 miles, got home and took a very long, very hot shower.

Total miles for the week: 25

I know I have lots of runs in the conditions I experienced today ahead of me. So, instead of dwelling on the bad, I’m going to try to focus on why I’m doing all this: to get that BQ.

Of course, that’s probably not going to last too long and I’m going to end up looking like this:


But, I’m certainly going to try to stay positive.

Happy running this week, friends!


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