Friday Things

We made it through another week! Happiest of Friday! It was a busy one this week, and I’m sure they’ll only get busier through the New Year. I took today off work to spend time with Jeff’s parents before they leave on Monday, and I am sooo looking forward to a nice, long weekend!

1. I am finally getting my hair done today. It’s been about 8 long weeks and it shows. So excited to get my color spruced up and my hair trimmed. It’s getting crazy.

2. SERIAL. I had to listen to yesterday’s episode twice because I couldn’t comprehend it the first time I listened. I ended the episode with a big fat “HUH.” Did not compute. I have a new theory, but I can’t figure out motive.

3. The Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon is in one month from today! How did that happen?! I realized it last week and was like “oops”. I feel very unprepared for it. The next few weeks are going to be about pushing myself (not TOO hard, though, obviously). I’m rethinking goals and what I want to get out of the race, especially now that it’s incorporated into marathon training. I’m getting really excited to race though! It’s been over a year since my last half and I’m pumped to get out there and do another.

4. My new iPhone should be here soon! Jeff got me the 6 as an early Christmas present and I cannot waiiiiiit to receive it. My 5 is in such rough shape. It’s putting up a good fight, but it’s ready to go.

5. We’re getting some serious snow on the mountains already. It’s very pretty to look at–as long as it stays out of town and on the mountain. I know we’ll get it soon enough, but for now, I’m content to look at it from a distance.

Have a very happy weekend, friends!

Tell me. What are you up to this weekend?


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