Training Log 11.03.14-11.09.14

Happiest of Mondays friends! I hope your weekend was nice and relaxing. Mine certainly was! After taking it easy this week, I’m ready for some hard runs this week! (I apologize for the lack of photos this week–I only brought my phone on one run.)

Monday – Rest.

I had to work this past Monday, so my rest day was spent working. Moved a bunch of sculptures, so I can count that as my “active” rest day.

Tuesday – 4 miles (7:56 pace)

It was cold and extremely windy this particular morning. I didn’t have any particular workout set for today, but I did want to do an easier speed session (Is that oxymoronic?). My legs felt heavy and tired from the get go, and with the serious winds, I decided to shoot for sub-8’s for the run. I left my Garmin in Jeff’s parent’s RV this weekend, so I don’t have specific splits for you, but I they were all sub-8. So, solid.

Wednesday – 60 min Cardio Barre workout

This workout is so fantastic. I found it when I was recovering from my mysterious foot pain and wanted something with little to no impact but would really be a challenge for me. This is still a great strength workout I try to do regularly. It’ll leave you shaking.

Thursday – 3 miles (8:24 avg)

I was pretty exhausted this morning. It was very cold and I decided to just go out there and move at whatever pace felt comfortable. It felt ok, but my legs were slow and heavy.

Friday – strength workout

Mixture of squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, burpees, etc. It was a good one! I’m still sore.

Saturday – 6 lovely miles in Phoenix, 8:02 avg

I'm in a tank top! And shorts!

I’m in a tank top! And shorts!

We were down in Phoenix for the weekend and I set out for a few easy miles in the morning. I wanted nothing more then to just run comfortable and enjoy the WARMTH! (It was in the 60s while I ran! It was perfection.) I ran a little faster then I was expecting, but my legs finally felt great and I was just busy enjoying the hell out of myself.

Sunday – 4 miles (8:20ish avg)

I don’t have my Garmin, so I don’t have my exact avg, but it was somewhere in the 8:20-8:25 range. I found a cute little trail that when through a neighborhood near where we were staying in Phoenix. It was a nice, easy four miles. A little warmer then Saturday, but still very enjoyable.

I realized this week the Fiesta Bowl Half is in just a few weeks, so the next few weeks will be higher mileage and harder efforts.

Happy running this week, friends!


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