October In Review

I really enjoy reading other blogger’s monthly recaps. Where they jot down their total number of miles, what they ran, etc. I think it’s helpful in looking at your training overall, rather than week by week. So, get ready for a monthly recap at the end of every month!

October was the month I started upping my game again. No more “whatever” runs– training officially started! I also registered for my two goal races so they are in red, on the calendar.


Total miles: 148.72

This is actually surprising to me. I don’t feel like I ran that much. But, I guess it isn’t really that much either. I was expecting this number to be lower though.

Total days run: 19

This is low. This seems low to me. I might have to work on upping that number a bit.

Total strength days : 8

I try to do strength training twice a week. So, nailed that!

Rest days: 5

I took one unexpected complete rest day. Most of my rest days are “active”. I take Rudy for a nice long walk, and I do some kind of ab workout. When my mileage gets higher, I’ll probably do some easy, stretchy yoga on my rest days. I like taking these on a day when I don’t actually have a lot to do, and can actually do some resting. This may seem high for some people, but experience has taught me that my one rest day a week means a lot to me. I have to take them, or I burn out real quick.

Overall, not a bad first month back.

Goals for November: Increase mileage. Increase intensity of speed workouts. Try to get at least one longer run in mid-week. Sleep well. Eat better (LOTS of Halloween candy this month). Enjoy the start of the Holiday season!


2 thoughts on “October In Review

  1. This is a fun idea! I might do the same at the end of this month. 148 seems like a pretty good amount of miles to me, especially if it was just the beginning of “really” training.


    • I really liked looking at the month as a whole! I’ve done it before just on a large calendar, but I’ve never actually tallied up the numbers like this before. I recommend it!


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