Training Log 10.27.14-11.2.14

Good morning and Happy Monday troopers. Can we pause for just a minute and all exclaim about the fact that it is somehow November? How has this happened? I swear, it was just the beginning of June and suddenly it’s snowing in town.

November is going to be a busy month! Family visits, Friendsgiving, and the general craziness of the Holiday season beginning. Not to mention milage will continue to climb and work will continue to get busier. Kicking everything off this week is my one day weekend. Womp Womp. Yesterday (Sunday) was my weekend. I’m on a Monday-Friday schedule this week and then we head down to the Valley to meet Jeff’s parents and have my first NASCAR experience. Just gotta make it to Friday!

This past week was really great. I was tired, but I feel like I ran pretty well overall.

Monday – Typical 2 mile walk with Rudy + abs

Rudy rolled around in a pile of crap and then took off after a squirrel like a bat out of hell. It’s safe to say he’s lost his off-leash privileges for a while. I had to give him a bath when we got home and wash his BRAND NEW COLLAR because it was covered in poo. Dogs.

Tuesday – Tempo run: 5 miles total

I was really surprised by the outcome of this workout. I woke up ready to run. I wanted to do a 3 mile tempo somewhere around Half-Marathon Pace (7:40ish). My mile warm-up went well, and was right on target at 8:21. I took off for the tempo miles, not paying much attention to pace, but focusing more on effort. When my watch beeped I was surprised that I ran my first tempo mile in 7:25.


My first reaction was “Damnit. Now I have to maintain that for two more miles.” It was considerably faster then I was planning on and I wasn’t really sure if I was going to be able to hold on for the next two. Turns out, I should probably have more faith in myself. The next two miles clocked in at 7:24 and 7:19. The last mile was hard. I really had to work for it. But, I rode that high all day long.

Wednesday – Strength workout before work.

Thursday – 4 miles, 8:12 avg

This one was tough. I woke up tired when my alarm went off at 5am. I struggled to get out there and it was so cold. It was around 25* when I set off. It was a tough one for me mentally. I struggled through all four. My legs were tired, my body was tired, and all I wanted was to be home in bed.

Friday – 4 miles, 8:36 avg

I definitely felt better on Friday then I did Thursday and I took it very easy. It was warmer in the morning then the day before and I think that helped my mental state some. It’s amazing how just ten measley degrees can change everything. 35* doesn’t seem warm, but I appreciated it.

Sunrise on Friday morning. Captured while walking the mutt post-run.

Sunrise on Friday morning. Captured while walking the mutt post-run.

Saturday – Strength training before work.

Sunday – 7 miles, 8:30 avg

Knowing today was my only day off for the week, I wasn’t in any rush to get out there and run. I knew I’d do it at some point, but there was a very large list of to-do’s that had to get done, too. When I woke up, it was pouring down rain. Jeff and I decided to go get breakfast and when we left, it was sleeting. Hard. It even snowed for a bit. I was not excited. At around noon, the rain and sleet subsided and I knew I had to get my run in when it was clear.


It was cold. And windy. But, the sun eventually came out and it was quite a pleasant run.

Thanks weather gods. I wasn’t ready for the sleet and rain yet.

*It was also a really good reminder I need to invest in some water resistant gear.


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