Training Log: 10.20.14-10.26.14

Happy Monday!

I have to say, I’m grateful to have today off. Working Saturdays kind of messes with my head, but having Mondays off is sooo nice. I plan on relaxing today and getting ready for another busy week ahead!

Monday – I dragged Jeff and Rudy up to the Inner Basin with me in search of some fall color. (More on that here) We probably wandered for about two miles and had a great time.

These are Aspens. You can tell by the way they are.

These are Aspens. You can tell by the way they are.

Tuesday – Hill repeats. (3.5 miles total)

Hills! I hate hills. Therefore, they will be making a regular appearance in this training cycle. Last marathon cycle I barely did any hill training, which ended up biting me in the butt when I got to the few hills in Utah that were, surprise!, canyon walls. Whoops. Not making that mistake again. Workout went as such

Mile warm-up: 8:09, 5xhill repeats, Mile cool down: 9:13 (I was beat!)

The hill I chose is only about 200m, but it’s pretty steep.

(I was going to put in a picture of my elevation chart here, but my Garmin updated and now my data on the website is all weird…so, you’ll have to take my word for it.)

Splits were:

1 (0:52), 2 (0:52), 3 (0:52), 4 (0:51), 5 (0:51)

I was pleasantly surprised by how consistent my splits were and that I managed to pick it up towards the end.

Wednesday – Strength training. Abs and legs were the focus.

Thursday – 5 miles (8:17 avg)

I had to be at work earlier then normal this morning, and I was driving Jeff to work, so wake-up call was 5am. It was cold and dark, but I felt strong. This loop has a couple good hills on it, so that was fun.

Friday – 1.12 miles, arms and abs strength training

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this tragedy:


On Monday, I started to have a weird pain in my ankle when I ran, but ONLY when I ran. By Friday, I didn’t want to pretend it wasn’t there anymore and actually hurt myself, so I bailed, did some strength training and then iced it.

Friday night, I did a bit of an experiment. I put on my new shoes, ran around the block and felt the pain. I came back in, put on my old shoes, and ran around the block again. No pain! I guess new shoes have to be broken in, huh?

Saturday – 3.6 easy miles (8:27 avg)

I woke up tiiiiiiired Saturday. I snoozed an extra fifteen minutes before forcing myself out of bed and out the door. I decided early on to take it easy, since I was going to do a long run the next day, and I knew work was going to be busy that day (which means lots of time on my feet).

Sunday – 7 miles (8:18 avg)

I tried really hard to remember how hard my run was last week and slow it down yesterday. My first mile was too fast (7:45), but I had a tailwind and was going downhill, so what’s a girl to do? The rest of it, I just tried to run based on feel. My splits were all over the place, but I felt much stronger than last week.

Total miles : 20.22

How I’m feeling : Between work, early wake-up calls, and increasing mileage and intensity on runs, I’m tired. I’m greatly enjoying all my down time, and trying to get to bed earlier during the week. Besides the general fatigue, I feel good. I can feel myself getting stronger, and I’m enjoying my runs. I’ve been working on my training plan and identifying key workouts I’ll use as base lines to judge improvements. I’m excited and ready to jump into training intensely again.


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